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Support that makes customers say “Wow”

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Customer Support Services

We’ve all had those rare customer support experiences that left us feeling better than when we started. They’re seamless, intuitive, fast, friendly, and above all, make us feel good. That feeling? It’s the Global Response difference.

Customer support can make or break a brand

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One in three customers says they would leave a brand they love after one bad customer service experience. Brands can lose customers for a number of reasons related to customer support.

Customer Support Services

Long wait times

If you can’t scale your support team, customers may start to experience long wait times, holds, or even months between support communications. They may go elsewhere before their problem can be solved.

Impersonal "agents"

If you do find a way to scale your support with a contact center, you may find customers frustrated by impersonal agents who don’t have a nuanced understanding of their needs or apply empathy and creative thinking to solve their problems.

Clunky tech platforms

A good support experience is seamless – easy at an almost subconscious level. But so many platforms can be glitchy, complicated, or just not intuitive. These problems can lead to high abandonment rates when we’re on the customer end.

Transform customer touchpoints into brand-positive wins

Business impact begins and ends with people. We bring a customer-obsessed mentality to every touchpoint and exceed customer expectations every step of the way. Our outsourced customer support services use the best tools in the business to ensure seamless customer resolutions.

Brand Positive Wins

We make business personal

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We use the best tools in the industry supporting products, processes, and systems – without sacrificing the human touch. Problem solved.

Scale your team

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Focus on your business strengths and let us work for you. At Global Response, we are customer experience experts, and we’ll take on the strategy, interactions, and solutions that you need to keep customers coming back for more. With us behind you, your team can be free to do what they do best.

Giving voice to your customer

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Our brand specialists have high EQs and a deep understanding of your customer. We focus on engaging empathetically with your customers, listening carefully to their feedback, and translating those touchpoints into strategic data insights for your brand. With our outsourced customer support services, customers feel seen and heard, and you get key insights to help you grow.

Mapping the customer journey

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Great customer support doesn’t happen by accident. We intentionally design CX strategy and analytics from the customer perspective – with the goal of creating a completely seamless engagement that wows your customers from beginning to end.

Seamless industry knowledge and support technology

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Your brand is our passion and our technology is built to support every part of your process. From queries like product fit, service warranties, retail refunds, benefits coverage, or appointment bookings, we’ve got you covered. 

Compassionate Support

Seamless processes + compassionate support = happy customers

We have over 40 years of experience solving customer issues and building brand loyalty through each support interaction. We’re in nearly every industry and ready to bring our signature support to your brand.

Learn how our outsourced customer support services can boost your bottom line

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How we helped FILA increase sales by 25%

When FILA was struggling with losing customers because of negative support experiences, we redefined what a positive experience could be. In 2021, and with our outsourced customer support services, online sales went up 25% and customer queries for orders and refunds decreased by 28%, thanks to the Global Response difference.

Fila Case Study
“We saw a transformation from comments like, 'I wanted to get something else and now I never want to do business with you again' to now, with Global Response, becoming repeat loyal customers.” 
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Dawn Trenson

Dawn Trenson | VP of E-Commerce in North America | FILA

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