Call Center Solutions We Provide by Industry

Our Brand Care approach works across a range of industries because expressing a brand personality and taking outstanding care of customers is always a winning strategy.

With four decades in the Brand Care business, Global Response has the experience necessary to bring the Brand Care difference to your company, no matter the industry.

Our diverse clientele cover a broad range of industries and require an equally broad range of solutions to meet their needs.

Read ahead for more information on what Global Response is doing for other companies in your field, and what we can do for you.

Luxury Brands

Exceptional customer service defines a luxury brand. We have decades of experience providing customer care for some of the world’s most trusted luxury brands.

What is a luxury brand?

A luxury brand offers luxury products, of course, but to attract and retain discriminating buyers, it must also offer luxury customer service.

In fact, what sets a luxury brand apart from the crowd isn’t only price—it’s also the quality of the overall customer experience.

Global Response provides customer care for luxury brands such as Lacoste and Wolford. To consistently deliver the service their customers expect, these brands trust Global Response.

Replicating the in-store experience

The goal for luxury brands outsourcing their call center function is to find a partner whose Brand Specialists can provide the same friendly, expert, personalized service customers would receive from an in-house representative.

We have done this so successfully for so long with so many luxury brands that we have become Luxury Brand Specialists.

Our Brand Care approach includes more stringent qualifications and extra training for the Brand Specialists on your account, and ensures they have the technology and processes that allow them to consistently provide a higher level of service for luxury brand buyers.

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Automotive Customer Service

Driving Sales & Conversions. Our automotive team specializes in lead-generation and prospecting support to make your dealer-group marketing campaigns a success.

Outsourcing lets you focus on your core strengths

At Global Response, we’re available 24/7/365 to treat your prospects and your customers to first class service. Our Automotive Brand Specialists develop and nurture leads, helping you turn them into loyal customers. We support multiple touchpoints in the customer life cycle – from early stage lead responses and appointment setting to post-sale application processing. Our integration team can connect directly to your CRM platform, delivering your lead and prospect data directly to your dealers. This allows you more time to focus on your core strengths and frees up your salespeople’s valuable time for the customers in your dealership.

The successful marketing campaign

Our Automotive Brand Specialists are working hard, 24/7 to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. We provide live support at multiple touchpoints through your sales funnel. At Global Response, we understand dealership management challenges. Our specialists are skilled at processing numerous leads from web landing pages and delivering optimized data back to your dealers. We respond via outbound emails to your lead-gen campaigns to deliver fast, efficient responses loaded with critical information.

Global Response Specialists have the tools, technology, and infrastructure to manage web-based lead generation, follow-up responses, prospecting, and business process outsourcing, for your potential customers.

Finely tuned performance

Top global brands trust Global Response to blend the people, processes, and technology necessary to deliver the right customer experience every time.

Our Automotive Specialists excel at expressing your brand personality in every call, chat, and email response. At Global Response, we provide the kind of high-touch customer care required for big-ticket retail items.

We deliver the best in customer care while growing your brand loyalty.

You’re in great hands with Global Response.

Understanding customer needs through market research

With outbound call surveys, we help you gauge your target market better. Our Specialists make calls and gather insightful data to optimize your marketing campaigns.

From a personalized touch to a fully automated system, quick, accurate, up-to date-information is delivered to you and your customers.

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Omni-channel Retailing

Support at every customer touch-point. We speak your brand consistently across all channels, reinforcing your image and delivering great experiences on the web, on the phone and via chat or email.

To keep up with the latest consumer purchasing patterns, you need a contact center that does the same. That’s why such large-scale, multi-channel operators as Crate&Barrel, Lane Bryant and National Geographic rely on Global Response.

Capturing larger orders

Targeting multichannel consumers isn’t merely a strategy for keeping pace with demographics; a multichannel shopper’s order tends to be three to four times larger than the average single channel shopper’s.

So not only is a larger portion of customers frequenting multiple shopping venues, these multichannel shoppers account for an even larger proportion of the overall revenue pie.

Brand Care across all channels

Great customer experiences help you retain customers. Those experiences now happen at multiple touchpoints, including live or virtual transactions, in person, on the phone, or via email or chat.

Customers want a personalized and immersive experience. They want to deal with personable agents who have relevant and accurate product information, and who can guide them through any transaction, no matter how complex.

Our Brand Care Specialists are experts in providing great experiences through every customer contact channel.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Call Center Outsourcing

Global Response supports a wide range of healthcare initiatives using a proven dedicated contact center services model.

The healthcare industry manages sensitive financial, emotional and privacy issues between providers, employers and individuals. As the sector evolves, there is a greater demand for higher standards and better quality of healthcare call center service.

Today’s competitive healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to deliver a more precise level of support at a much faster pace – whether by phone, email, chat or social media.

Healthcare executives inform us that the challenges and complexities they face every day include:

Healthcare Reform

The ability of the management team to stay up to date with the latest in healthcare reform, restructuring and regulations.

Global Response has extensive experience working with companies in healthcare and other regulated industries.

As a healthcare and pharmaceutical call center, we recognize that updates in regulations require us to be adaptable, flexible and prepared for rapid change as directed by our client.

Global Response is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), has a compliance officer and has the discipline to manage and maintain a compliant operation.

Reporting and Analytics

The ability to achieve world class call center performance-level metrics while still maintaining the voice of customer (VOC) metrics such as first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Global Response provides world-class call center performance-level metrics while still maintaining measures of customer sentiment, including VOC, FCR and CSAT.

Global Response uses dynamic real-time reporting that provides high level snapshots as well as detailed reporting that can be used by frontline call center management.

Management upholds and works to surpass key performance indicators (KPI) and benchmarks.

Reporting suites include call volume by day part and call type, agent utilization, quality assurance and speech analytics.

Plan Options and the Selection Process

Maintaining the process of presenting health plans that have value to members and being able to simplify the levels of coverage for easier comprehension.

Understanding how employers and individuals generationally assess their healthcare needs, the process in which they gather and compare information and ultimately, how they select the plan they feel is best for them.

Global Response works with your team to create a comprehensive training program, including modules to specifically address presenting your plans and options in a clear and concise method that prospects and members across all demographics can grasp.

Global Response understands the decision-making process of the individuals who must consider the financial and emotional well-being of their family.

Scalability, the Facility and Technology

The ability to onboard the next wave of new enrollments, which will require support from the contact center’s workforce management team to accurately forecast the anticipated increase in call (email, chat) volume and create a plan to add staff.

With these increases, they must allocate the appropriate budget and build out their facility to accommodate the influx of new staff.

The implementation plan should include an expansive number of workstations, computers, software licenses, connectivity and telecom ports.

Global Response’s campuses include workstations for your dedicated team of Brand Specialists, as well as the training, quality assurance and meeting rooms required to support your team’s operations.

It has the facilities and technology to expand your program as forecasted during peak and promotional periods.


Creating and maintaining a dynamic culture throughout the organization that will reinforce our mission and keep everyone focused on providing value to our providers, employers and individuals.

Global Response’s unique Brand Care culture has become an influence in the contact-center industry.

Every policy, procedure and training program is designed to assimilate the values, standards and characteristics of the brands we represent.

The emphasis begins with recruitment of our dedicated Brand Specialists and permeates the entire process, from selection of specialists to training and nesting in the contact center.

The adaptation of your brand’s culture is reflected in signage and often product samples within the call center. Our dedicated management team diligently reinforces your brand’s continuity.

Our Brand Specialists are committed and passionate about the brands they represent.

Compliance and Security

Working to maintain and secure a high level of privacy that will shield and protect the employer’s and the member’s sensitive digital information.

Maintaining HIPAA compliance, along with all other industry regulations, across all channels of communication throughout the organization.

Global Response regards privacy and data security as top priority for all accounts, whether in healthcare or other industries. Global Response is compliant with HIPAA, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI1) and System and Organization Controls (SOC2).

Additional measures we take to ensure data security include: employing firewalls to strictly control network access; segregating server/data layers from user layers; providing policy, procedure and training on data security; maintaining a paper-free environment; operating more than 200 cameras that are installed on our premises; and controlling facility access by program type.


Selecting qualified candidates who are career-driven, want to be part of something that adds value to people’s lives and want to help people.

Global Response’s three contact centers are in labor-rich suburban communities in South Florida and Michigan.

Our Human Resources department seeks career-driven candidates with room for advancement and who want to assist people through their healthcare challenges. Global Response works with the brand to create a profile of the ideal candidate.

Recruitment of Brand Specialists includes a rigorous testing process to assess abilities, such as understanding the member’s needs, documenting the issue, problem solving and creating the resolution.

Human resources begins the interview process and the project manager for the brand  has the final say. We never start a program with completely new hires, however.

Mixing the experience of tenured employees with new recruits has proven to be a positive formula.

Dedicated project management

Assembling a team that can manage and care for our providers, employers, members and our business.

Global Response’s success has been largely due to our dedicated project manager model.

Your Global Response project manager is in constant communication with your designated point of contact to discuss people, metrics, plans, forecasts and everything else affecting your program.

The first step is to assemble a team comprised of members from both companies, including such disciplines as training, marketing, product development, operations, quality assurance, merchandising, IT, project management and human resources.

Members visit each other’s locations and begin the process of conveying and assimilating the culture behind the brand.

All the creative energy and hard work of the combined team is channeled into a few minutes of the best possible customer care.  And the reason the most trusted brands trust Global Response becomes clear.

Staffing and agent optimization

Providing training for new staff in an effort to maintain the contact center performance-level metrics while on-boarding new members.

Global Response’s training programs give our Brand Specialists the soft skills, product knowledge and brand understanding needed to consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Training, agent retention and growth in skills and knowledge base are vital to maintaining the continuity of your business.

Our Brand Specialists become true experts on your company’s personality and brands. Your team will consist of a dedicated project manager, supervisors, trainers and quality assurance representatives who work autonomously to maintain the objectivity and integrity of the Brand Specialist’s development.

Our approach to training is flexible and tailored for every client.

Depending on your needs, we conduct classroom training programs for our Brand Specialists and each program is customized for your products, culture and systems.

All training is instructor-led, allowing our Brand Specialists to always interact with subject matter experts.

Our quality assurance analysts, project managers and trainers are accessible to our Brand Specialists to provide answers and guidance on the spot.

Our more experienced agents also serve as mentors and resources for our newer Brand Specialists.


Global Response’s healthcare programs provide executives with solutions as they face a challenging environment.

We share a commitment with our client partners to enhance the customer experience and brand in a demanding healthcare industry that is constantly in change.

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Tourism and Travel Customer Service

Flexible, cost-efficient services.

We can handle calls, fulfill requests for information and make reservations for your customers, ensuring they have a great travel experience.

A range of integrated services

When you work with us, your account is always staffed with on-shore Brand Specialists who work at our call center, where we can ensure they receive the same training, adhere to the policies and procedures you spell out, meet our stringent quality assurance requirements, and understand the culture of your company.

The result for your customers is a consistently high level of service that increases customer satisfaction and boosts loyalty. We offer a full range of integrated services for tourism and travel clients, including call center, fulfillment and business process services.

We’ve listed among our clients the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, VisitFlorida and the Country of Curacao.

Staffing that meets your needs

Headquartered in the heart of South Florida, Global Response is located near the home of many cruise lines and has access to a pool of multilingual Brand Specialists who speak Spanish or another European language.

We also have the flexibility to scale up or down to cost-efficiently handle seasonal peaks and valleys and help you maximize profitability during your busiest times.

For example, Global Response North has handled park and marina harbor reservations for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Because of both the seasonal nature of the business and the small window of opportunity to secure a limited number of mooring spaces and park grounds, we staff up to handle that peak volume, then back down to control costs.

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Banks & Financial Institutions Outsourced Call Center Services

Outsourced Call Center Services – Increasing Trust & Loyalty.
Our specially trained, expert Brand Specialists can help boost customer satisfaction and retention.

We also offer communications infrastructure technologies to increase efficiency.

Boosting loyalty with superior service

We take care to hire, train and manage a special type of Brand Specialists who are best suited to staff our call center teams for banking and finance clients.

These Specialists have the soft skills, the education and the industry knowledge to answer in-depth questions from customers about operations, your business and their accounts. When they don’t have the information to solve a problem, they know to escalate the issue to ensure the customer gets the right answer.

Our Brand Specialists have been trained in policies and procedures that safeguard the privacy of personal and financial information and ensure compliance with federal and industry regulations.

We recognize that accuracy and error-free interactions are always important, but especially so when dealing with customers of our clients in banking and finance.

Essential infrastructure technologies

In addition to staffing these accounts with highly qualified Brand Specialists, we provide infrastructure technologies for many clients, including multichannel contact modes, self-service IVR, and IP-distributed workforce capabilities, which optimize workforce efficiency and improve customer service.

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Energy and Utilities Customer Care

The power to communicate. Utilities rely on us for our Brand Care approach to their outsourced marketing and customer support.

Deregulation has increased competition for utilities and made customer service and satisfaction critical for attracting and retaining customers. For both inbound and outbound services, we work with your staff to define and communicate the right messages to prospects and customers and help you reach your key performance indicators (KPIs). We also provide crisis management services when an energy provider needs help fast to notify customers and answer questions about incidents like power outages.

We work with your staff to define and communicate the right messages to prospects and customers.

After-hours support

Survey capabilities

Business-to-business sales

Automated self-service solutions

Notification campaigns

Billing inquiries

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