Outsourced Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

At Global Response, we employ robust metrics for individual team performance as a key driver to our continuous improvement process. We’re motivated to excel at every customer touchpoint to increase productivity, drive engagement, and improve customer satisfaction.

Superior customer experience is never an accident

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Excellence requires years of experience and commitment to stringent optimization metrics. If you’re looking to outsource your customer engagement, you need to be sure that your solution meets your standards. Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

Superior Customer Experience

You need better control over metrics and performance

Many third-party contact center solutions don’t offer the transparency you need to control quality. You need a solution that gives you key insights, improves internal processes, and maintains a standard of operations that makes your brand stand out.

You need a solution that stays obsessively on-brand

The secret sauce in customer happiness is emotional intelligence. You need quality-related metrics to deliver insights into your customer engagement team’s soft skills and their ability to translate your brand message accurately every time.

You need customer engagement to inform business decisions

A fully integrated and outsourced quality assurance solution helps inform business decisions, track business trends, and drive business growth. Our rigorous standards for improvement give you visibility into areas for cost savings, operational efficiencies, and more.

Set the bar at “gold standard” for your quality assurance

With our tools for  analysis and improvement, you can rest assured that superior quality is within your control. We partner with our customers to ensure our teams know their goals and meet their standards for success.

Gold Standard

Working smarter, faster, and better

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With Global Response’s outsourced quality assurance, you can improve performance, uncover cost savings, and drive business insights and results. That’s because we hold ourselves to standards of continuous improvement that directly increase customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business outcomes.

Robust metrics and absolute transparency

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We take quality assurance seriously. You’ll have real-time insights into the most important KPIs for customer success, including first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), call quality, abandonment rate, and CSAT. We drive improvements by measuring across every channel and combining metrics to give you the big picture and the minute details.

Soft skills stand out

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We employ quality-related metrics to ensure your customers receive the best personal attention every time. Our employee training program involves brand immersion so that our teams become your team. They will always be on message and ensure the tone of your brand is communicated. Their performance is measured accordingly.

An extension of your goals

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We provide total transparency into customer experience metrics so we can identify and advise our partners on priorities and pain points. Our digital solutions can fully integrate into your processes and inform the management of your business operations. By outsourcing your customer engagement and quality assurance you are investing in a solution that gives right back to your business.

Outsourced Quality Assurance - FAQ

What Is Call Center QA?

Poor customer service can wreak havoc on a company’s success. A bad experience may drive customers away, reduce trust in the brand, and cause business revenue to decline. This shows the vital importance of quality assurance for businesses of all sizes. Outsourced quality assurance involves monitoring customer support providers to verify the consistency and quality of the support provided. These services can also identify problem areas in call centers and aid in training efforts for agents.

Why Is QA Important in a Call Center?

Most customers will stop using a company’s products or services in response to consistently poor customer service. Quality assurance monitoring improves customer experiences by measuring the level of support given by each agent. For example, outsourced QA team members may monitor certain aspects of how agents interact with customers, including order processing, first call resolution rates, and customer responses. These elements of the support process contribute to a high-quality customer experience. By reviewing metrics, a company can identify areas of improvement and implement solutions.

How Are Calls Evaluated?

An outsourced quality assurance team can use various metrics to assess support consistency and quality. Some of the most common metrics used include: Average delay of calls: This metric monitors the average time it takes for a customer to reach an operator. First-call resolution: This metric assesses how many customers receive full resolutions to their issues on the first call. Customer satisfaction scores: This metric looks at customer feedback, such as survey responses, to determine their assessment of the experience. Average handle times: This metric tracks an agent's average time to complete a call successfully.
Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is in our DNA

Our quality assurance service gives you the tools and insights you need to impact customer satisfaction and business results. Choose a solution that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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