Automotive Call Center Services

Automotive Call Center Services

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Automotive industry contact center

The vehicles we drive can be our passion, our identity, and our lifeline. At Global Response, you and your customer are in good hands. We have the expertise to deliver lasting customer relationships – before and after the sale.

Why is customer service important in the automotive industry?

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The automotive industry involves big-ticket purchases and high emotional investment. A happy customer can become a lifelong customer, but these days we know they expect more than ever.

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Customers expect connected technologies

The automotive industry is at the leading edge of integrated and smart technology. Your customer service should reflect that state-of-the-art approach. Getting support should be as easy as hitting the accelerator.

Customers prefer brands that feel human

The modern car buyer expects personalized, conversational support and intuitive interfaces. Audiences expect seamless support interactions that recognize and cater to their individual needs.

Customers want instant solutions

Nobody is waiting around for support anymore. Customer engagement needs to be speedy and anticipate needs before they even happen.

Get your customers in the fast lane

We put your customer first and prioritize fast, empathetic service, first contact resolution, and loyalty-building strategies.


Why choose Global Response for your automotive call center services?

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We’ve supported millions of dollars in automobile transactions. Our brand specialists are experts in the automotive industry and have a track record of successful cases and happy customers to prove it. With Global Response, we will be sure to help:

Rev up your sales

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From qualification to purchase, we can make your sales process a smooth ride. Reduce your customer churn and internal costs with our services, and increase your sales and bottom line.

Build lifelong brand loyalists

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Big-ticket purchases like a vehicle are emotional. We’re an extension of your brand and ensure that every customer is treated like royalty, whether they’re buying their first car or bringing their family van in for a tuneup, warranty solutions, and more.

Know the success formula with data and analytics

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Know what to expect and how to steer your company and customers in the right direction. Our cutting-edge system delivers market insights like who your top customers are, what they’re looking for, where to expect or reduce churn.

Meet customers wherever they are

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The modern car buyer expects a seamless experience across online, mobile, phone, and on the lot. We ensure that every communication channel is ready for the modern automotive customer.

Reduce service costs and handle time

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Our teams build intuitive customer engagement strategies that prioritize first contact resolution and easily solve higher-level requests so you can do what you do best. We aim to reduce average handle time and service costs with every interaction.

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We’re your pit crew

We’ve worked with dealers and OEMs for decades, delivering fast, high-touch service to their customers. We know automotive.

Quality automotive call center services

Lead generation and nurturing

At Global Response, we’re available 24/7/365 to treat your contacts with first class service. We support multiple touchpoints in the customer life cycle, from early stage lead responses and appointment setting to post-sale application processing. Our integration team can connect directly to your CRM platform, delivering your lead and prospect data directly to your car dealers.

Global Response has the tools, technology, and infrastructure to manage web-based lead generation, follow-up responses, prospecting, and business process outsourcing for your potential customers. We provide the high-touch customer care required across call, chat, email, SMS text and social media.

Marketing campaign support

Our automotive brand specialists ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. We provide live support at multiple touchpoints through your sales funnel. At Global Response, we understand car dealership management challenges. Our specialists are skilled at processing leads from web landing pages and delivering optimized data back to your car dealers. We deliver fast and efficient responses that are loaded with critical information.

Cost reduction

Managing an automotive contact center is expensive. Infrastructure, technology, maintenance and staffing costs can add up quickly. Global Response is able to leverage scale to reduce operating costs and offer the most efficient call center services for car dealers and dealerships to keep the return on investment positive.

Connect with an automotive industry specialist

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