Innovation and Technology at an Affordable Price

Tunisia, a small country in Northern Africa, offers a strong environment for outsourcing. From a culture focused on innovation and growth to affordable staffing, proximity to Europe and a global focus, Tunisia call centers are hubs for innovative solutions and business growth. Could Tunisia be the right location for your call center?

Why choose a call center in Tunisia?

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When it comes to outsourcing, the old adage holds true: location matters. But what can Tunisua call centers offer that other locations can’t?

Innovative and technological power.

Tunisia has gained notice as one of the most innovative countries in Africa, as well as a strong hub for innovation and business growth across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. These focuses from both a cultural and governmental level contribute to a strong sense of agency, innovation and development throughout the country, allowing outsourced call center solutions in Tunisia to provide your business with strong results.


As Tunisia’s capital is just a short, two-hour flight from many European hubs, Tunisian call centers provide the proximity and accessibility necessary for outsourcing that enables you to stay involved in both high-level and day-to-day operations of your call center. In addition, the proximity to Europe makes bilingualism common in Tunisia, further supporting global or international operations.

Strong workforce.

Tunisia’s focus on innovation and education has resulted in a large, ready workforce that provides ample scalability for international businesses. Particularly in Tunis, the capital (where Global Response’s call center is located), the size and quality of the workforce allows for ample recruitment opportunities.

Flexible and affordable solutions.

Since the cost of living in Tunisia is much lower compared to the US or Western Europe, outsourcing to Tunisia offers more affordable labor costs. As a result, you’ll find it easier to scale your team and drive business growth. In addition, the Global Response call center in Tunisia manages about 20% of our workforce remotely, allowing you to take advantage of flexible, hybrid call center models to further reduce costs.



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At our call center in Tunisia, we focus on creating the best environment possible for our employees, so they in turn can provide you with the best support possible. We do so in a variety of ways, including:

  • increased security and restricted access buildings to keep customer data and secure documentation safe
  • break rooms with TVs, games, and a food marketplace to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable area to recharge between shifts
  • transportation services to make commuting easier, safer and more reliable, ensuring that our employees won’t struggle to make their shifts and guaranteeing accurate staffing for our clients
  • ongoing initiatives to improve and strengthen employee engagement, training and benefits

Our call center is hosted in an independent facility, further strengthening security and capacity as well. With space for up to 250 workstations across three floors, our Tunisia call center has plenty of space to scale your team and staff your operations even in your busiest periods. In addition, we also manage up to 20% of our Tunisia staff remotely, expanding our operations and giving our clients more flexibility for hybrid teams and staffing options.

Tunisia call center services

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At our Tunisia call center, we offer a variety of services that can strengthen your customer engagement, revitalize your customer service or offer overall business support, including:

Outsource non-core business tasks like appointment setting, data entry and more to save time and make your business more cost-effective.

Strengthen your customer service by being able to communicate with customers in their preferred languages—and expand your business reach.

High-class, concierge support to provide luxury expereinces for every kind of brand.

Give your customer’s support whenever they need it—high-quality customer service via any channel you (or they) want or need.

When customers run into technical product or software issues, our technical support teams can be on standby to ensure they get the help they need. and more!

Industries we serve

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Just as important as services and expertise is experience within your industry—and at our Tunisia call center, we’ve worked with a variety of industries. Don’t see yours on this list? Reach out to an expert from Global Response today and we’ll help you find the best fit for your industry.

How to choose the right call center in Tunisia

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While location matters greatly, choosing the right call center doesn’t just come down to where your agents are located. There’s a variety of factors you need to keep in mind, including:

Expertise and experience
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Call center providers should have expertise in customer service and/or BPO, and also be experienced within your industry and the services you need.

Results and testimonials
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A good call center will be able to demonstrate proven results and testimonials or reviews from previous or current clients to support their ability to drive business results for your team.

Flexibility and scalability
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As your business grows, you want your call center to be able to scale to meet your needs. A team with the physical space and recruiting capabilities to manage larger operations will be better suited to serve growing businesses.

Modern technology
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When looking for a call center in Tunisia, look for one that offers best-in-class technology and modern services. Also ensure that their tech stack aligns with your own for smoother transitions!

Quality processes
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At Global Response, our agents are trained to be brand specialists who know your brand inside and out and can provide excellent service on every call. In addition, our quality assurance processes ensure your clients get consistent quality on every channel, anytime they reach out. Looking for providers who have quality processes and training programs helps ensure they can maintain premium service levels.

How do Tunisian call centers compare?

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Market Size Large labor market makes scaling and flexible solutions easy Subject to ebbs and flows of US labor market and demands Smaller labor market due to geographic size can limit scalability and flexibility Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly, but with some quality issues Large labor market makes scaling easy and cost-effective Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly
Infrastructure and technology Strong infrastructure and technology caters to a US market Infrastructure and technology is on par for US norms Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other nearshoring locations Infrastructure is often less sophisticated or consistent compared to other outsourcing locations Cultural focus on technology and innovation supports infrastructure and modern tech Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other locations
Cultural or Linguistic Compatibility Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural or linguistic issues are rarely problems Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural and linguistic barriers are common issues, especially in customer-facing roles Proximity to Europe heightens familiarity with Western cultures and languages Cultural compatibility with Western countries make connecting with customers easier
Taxes and Business Tax incentives and exchanges rates in Mexico are favorable for US businesses US-based outsourcing offers familiar tax and legal systems, but at a premium price As a US territory, taxes and legal systems don’t offer any unique benefits, and have additional complications since Puerto Rico is not an official state. No specific tax benefits or legal incentives No specific tax benefits or legal incentives, though proximity to Europe increases familiarity with Western business models No specific tax benefits or legal incentives
Multilingual Availability Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Multilingual or bilingual agents are rarer and more expensive Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages Multilingual agents often speak French and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages
Proximity Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Nearby call centers invite accessibility and collaboration Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Geographic distance creates barriers to accessibility and collaboration Proximity to Europe makes call centers more accessible for clients Geographic distance can create less control and collaboration available
Cost & Quality Very cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality High service quality, but more expensive services Cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality Very affordable services, but often with a lower service quality Very affordable services with a high service quality Very affordable services, but often with some language or communication barriers

Tunisia call center FAQs

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Call center outsourcing is increasingly popular as a way to reduce costs, expand operations, scale your team more effectively during peak seasons, or reduce workload on internal teams. In addition, outsourcing your call center can free up internal staff to focus on more strategy or core projects for the team, fueling quicker business growth.

Outsourcing to Tunisia is extremely cost-effective, since the general cost of living—and thus, average salaries—in Tunisia are lower than the US or most of Western Europe. As such, it’s becoming a growing base for companies who want to scale and grow their call centers or customer service.

Tunisia is known as a tech and innovation hub within Africa and the Middle East. It ranks especially high in areas of human capital, innovation and technological developments, which aids in making Tunisia an effective place to outsource.

Tunisia’s strong infrastructure, focus on technology and innovation, and strong human capital make it a great outsourcing destination, especially for BPO and customer service functions. It also offers affordable labor, making scaling and expanding your operations easier, and easy accessibility from Europe.

See results from our Tunisian call centers

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Want to see how Global Response can provide results for your business? Read some of our client stories or connect with an expert today to see how outsourcing to our Tunisian call center can supercharge your growth and results.

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