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Loyalty Program Support Services

At Global Response, we execute loyalty program strategies that delight customers, increase retention, and drive real business results.

Why do so many loyalty programs fail?

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Loyalty programs should give major revenue support – after all, they can increase average customer lifetime, keep sales fluctuations to a minimum, and increase retention. But over half of loyalty programs aren’t even used. Why do they so often miss the mark?

The Right Data

Companies don’t have the right data

Loyalty programs are an incredible tool for identifying high-value customers and tracking customer behavior over time and cross-platform. But if you don’t have a data strategy that takes action on these insights, you could actually be losing opportunities to satisfy customers.

Customers can’t figure it out

Customers often complain that their points or rewards expired before they could use them, they couldn’t access the rewards, or they didn’t know they had any at all. With customers increasingly using mobile apps and multi-channel communication, companies sometimes struggle to translate information across platforms.

Customers aren’t happy with the brand

You can help build retention through loyalty programs, but every experience a customer has with your brand also matters. Overall brand satisfaction is critical to the success of loyalty programs. You need a customer experience management strategy that delights customers no matter their level of engagement.

Make your loyalty program shine

Stand out from the competition with customer retention and loyalty strategies that work. With Global Response as a partner, you can simplify the customer experience, integrate data insights, and increase sales and customer lifetime value.

Loyalty Program Shine

Global Response is the customer-focused, premium contact center that builds loyalty into every engagement

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Build rock-solid retention with point-based loyalty programs, promotions, redemption inquiries, referrals, and credit card sales.

We leverage data to your advantage

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With the right loyalty strategies and insights, you can understand your customer base better, and create a win-win of rewards and spending. We have integrated data solutions that help you identify high-value customers, increase retention, improve the customer journey, and drive real business results.

Simplify the customer experience

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We’ll help ensure your customers can get the most out of your loyalty programs. Our service supports customer sign-up, points balance, promotion inquiries, earning and redeeming points, credit card program sales, and question resolution. We’re a multi-channel solution, meeting your customers on mobile, voice, email, social, chat, and physical stores.

Make your customers happy with every touchpoint

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People are passionate about earning points associated with their favorite brands. Loyalty programs feed into that excitement, but overall customer engagement is the foundation. Our value-driven customer experience management solutions focus on building brand loyalty with every interaction.

Business Loyalty

Drive business results with your loyalty program

Successful loyalty strategies are proven to increase sales opportunities, drive customer retention, and boost results. Learn how to make them work better for your business.

Connect with a customer experience consultant

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Contact us today to learn how we can take your customer loyalty program to the next level.

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