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Engage customers for years to come

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Happy Customers

We provide customer engagement strategies that hone in on your customer’s needs, surpass their expectations, and build long-term brand loyalty.

Existing customers are one of your best assets

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Customer retention matters because existing customers contribute more to your bottom line. But only 18% of businesses focus on retention over acquisition.

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Existing customers boost sales

Statistics show that existing customers are more likely to buy more of your products, refer new customers, and adopt subscriptions – all at a lower cost than new customer acquisition.

Most companies aren’t maximizing this asset

Some studies show that 44% of businesses focus on acquisition while only 18% focus on retention. But focusing on your current customers can deliver a much higher ROI.

Worried about third-party contact centers?

Some companies worry that by outsourcing their customer experience management, they won’t be able to control retention or brand voice and culture.

Keep your customers coming back for more

We don’t just offer services, we offer a premium service experience that delights your customers. We aim to turn customers into passionate advocates of your brand.

Customers Coming Back

Customer retention solutions that work

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At Global Response, we employ a personal approach that nurtures long-term relationships with partners, brands, and customers alike. Our integrated solutions prioritize high-quality engagements that drive customer loyalty. Here’s how we do it:

Highlight the benefits

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Our brand-immersion approach sets us apart from other contact centers. We build customized, end-to-end loyalty strategies for each of our partners, which highlight the unique benefits that they offer. Our passionate brand specialists are trained to emphasize those benefits and nurture the relationship to deliver additional revenue.

Build customer value

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Fostering long-lasting relationships can set your brand apart from the crowd. Through strategies like loyalty programs, subscriptions, omnichannel support, and win-back campaigns, we build value into the customer journey. Our technology-powered solutions drive satisfaction and our brand specialists keep customers happy.

We speak your brand

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The Global Response difference is our brand obsession. Our teams are optimized around each brand we partner with – from hiring passionate specialists who love what you do to targeting our training and performance around your brand to the last detail. Our goal is to become a seamless, enthusiastic extension of your in-house team.

Increased Sales

Increased retention → increased sales

We build premium experiences from day one, through every step of the customer journey. With advanced data analytics to help cultivate a robust customer journey, we aim to increase loyalty with every engagement. Boost your bottom line with a contact center solution centered around you.

Learn how our retention strategies can boost your bottom line

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How we helped FILA increase sales by 25%

Lowering employee attrition for a global footwear retailer

When FILA was struggling with losing customers because of negative support experiences, we redefined what a positive experience could be. In 2021 alone, online sales went up 25% and customer queries for orders and refunds decreased by 28%, thanks to the Global Response difference.

Fila Case Study
“We saw a transformation from comments like, 'I wanted to get something else and now I never want to do business with you again' to now, with Global Response, becoming repeat loyal customers.”
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Dawn Trenson

Dawn Trenson | VP of E-Commerce in North America | FILA

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