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Headache-free customer support

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Healthcare Contact Center

We go above and beyond in our care for you and your members, providers, payers, and patients. With an emphasis on empathy, accuracy, security, and first-contact resolution, we are industry leaders in supporting smooth, safe healthcare call center services.

With healthcare, everything matters.

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You need a clinical approach to customer support that gets every detail right. But you can’t lose the human touch that customers need. It all leads to a healthier bottom line.

Personalized health care customer service

Personalized care should be the standard

Bedside manner isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential for retaining customers and reaching the best health outcomes.

Patient privacy is non-negotiable

HIPAA compliance, data privacy, and patient safety are of utmost importance as healthcare technology grows.

Healthcare teams suffer burnout at higher rates

Supporting and growing your talent pool can be difficult in an industry with high burnout rates. Scaling your support team is critical to success.  

Don’t get stuck in the waiting room

Members, providers, and patients need instant support, and you need a contact center solution that gives it to them. At Global Response, putting customers first is our DNA.

Customer Support Waiting Room

Be there for your customers – when and where they need it

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We provide high-touch, flexible, holistic support and care for your members and patients. Take the stress off their chart.

The best bedside manner

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We care about people. It’s in our DNA as a company, and we hire talented brand specialists who focus on customers above all else. Your customers are in safe hands.

Speedy response time

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Health can’t wait. We aim to resolve all customer support needs on the first contact, as quickly as possible. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to excellent patient support.

World-class benefit support

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We have years of experience in the healthcare industry and know how to create seamless support when it comes to accessing employer benefits. Our team will help scale benefits for large or small groups, and help your clients align their benefits for employee support.

Insurance experts

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It should come as no surprise that we know health insurance. We manage all your client questions about benefits, including coverage, co-pays, deductibles, claims, balances, payments, and more. We also help with eligibility, coverage inquiries, enrollments, and pre-certifications.

Scale your healthcare team

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Let us do the work for you – we’re an extension of your business and your team. We aim to resolve cases at the first contact and manage customer engagement every step of the way. That way, your team can focus on what they do best.

Their privacy, our promise

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We are committed to the privacy and safety of your patients, members, providers, and payers. We have a rigorous system for meeting HIPAA requirements and the highest standards of data security.

Healthcare Should Be About People

Over 40+ years in customer support

Healthcare should be about people, and we have the experience to deliver human-first, empathetic support experiences.

Connect with a healthcare support specialist

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