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Optimize your field services with customer experience management

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Field Services Industry

In the field services industry, customers can sometimes fall through the cracks. At Global Response, we make your brand stand out from the crowd with superior contact center solutions.

Why does field service so often fail customers?

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Studies show that improving customer satisfaction can increase revenue by up to 15% – but in field service sectors, customers report some of the lowest satisfaction rates of any industry.
But why?

The Customer

The customer disconnect

In the field service industry, it’s hard to be customer-centric. Field service technicians are the people spending the most time on the ground, but often their work is siloed from, say, a sales or customer success team.

The scaling problem

Often it’s simply a problem of scale. Field service industries need force-multipliers and a customer engagement solution that doesn’t overburden their teams and budget.

So much data, so little insight

Field services collect all kinds of customer data points – but often that data doesn’t translate into insights to optimize performance. Sales and account management teams are left scrambling when customers complain.

Connect the dots in every territory

Global Response has decades of experience in integrated, state-of-the-art field support. Our teams have strategies to help break down data silos and get to the real issues that impact customer satisfaction.

Connect The Dots In Every Territory

Get customer satisfaction that boosts your bottom line

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Put our field support services to work for you with our customer-focused world-class support that can improve your CSAT score and build new efficiencies in your workflow.
Your bottom line will thank you.

Solve for the customer

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Our highly skilled brand specialists know that customer satisfaction can change the game. We implement omnichannel strategies to support your field representatives, improve sales velocity, and deliver happy, satisfied customers.

Scale your efforts

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Our field support services aim to centralize functions across customer engagement so your team isn’t stretched so thin. Through deliverables like first-contact resolution and speedy ramp times, our strategies act as force-multipliers for territory managers.

Get real-time data insights

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With our advanced CRM technology, we provide research, briefings, inventory information, pricing details, promo details, and more. Use our analytics to accomplish prescriptive modeling, improve forecasting and routing, and understand your customer base.
Contact Center Solutions

A contact center solution for better business performance

Customer satisfaction is a differentiator in the field services industry. You need a solution that delivers key insights, helps scale your team, and delivers happy customers.

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