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Retail And Ecommerce
A happy customer is a loyal customer. For retail and e-commerce, excellent customer support makes all the difference. Global Response is an end-to-end customer service solution with a track record of increasing sales and loyal customers.

What are the benefits of call center outsourcing in eCommerce?

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Your customers have more options than ever, and they can shop anywhere at any time. To stay competitive, retail and eCommerce companies must be agile, user-friendly, and everywhere their customers are.

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Customers expect a seamless experience

Traditional retail is a thing of the past. From mobile shopping to online orders to in-store returns, customers expect shopping to be as simple as a click.

Scaling your team can cost a lot

The peaks and valleys of the retail sector and e-commerce sector can create massive headaches in staffing and support, and balloon your overhead.

Competition in every vertical

Retail and e-commerce have always been competitive spaces, and that’s not changing any time soon. Outstanding customer experience management is a differentiator in a crowded market.

Turn casual customers into power shoppers

You build your brand one engagement at a time. Choose a customer experience management team that creates brand-passionate customers across every channel.
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We know shopping – on Main Street and online

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Whether it’s clothing, cosmetics, ticket sales, home goods, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered both in-store and online. Every purchase is an emotional journey, and we’re here to hold your customer’s hand through it all.

Support your customer at every step

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Our omnichannel retail strategy ensures your customer doesn’t miss a beat. We support the entire retail experience, from physical stores, to brand websites, to third parties sites, to marketplaces and other digital channels.

Our brand specialists know retail, and they love your brand

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When we say we focus on people, we mean it. We match our hires to brands they love and coach them to listen with empathy, drive sales, and deliver unforgettable shopping experiences every time.

Reduce call volume and increase customer satisfaction

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First-contact resolution is our gold standard. With Global Response, you can significantly reduce incoming call volume for your own staff, and ensure that your retail customers get solutions fast.

Get tech solutions that integrate with your tools

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We work with only the best service technology and digital analytics to deliver seamless, integrated solutions that work with your existing infrastructure. Our solutions integrate across all customer engagement channels.

Increase your sales with happy customers

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Our team is deeply experienced in retail sales and call center strategies. We know when to leverage customer touchpoints into upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Stand out from the crowd with loyal customers

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We think of customer issues as customer opportunities. With an empathetic ear and superior support, customer complaints can become success stories that build lasting brand loyalty.

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40+ years in retail and e-commerce

Put our expertise to work for your team. A full-service contact center solution with this level of industry experience can help reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

A track record in hitting customer experience goals

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We have a track record in hitting customer experience goals, helping countless retail customers become power shoppers and brand superfans. See some of our partners’ success stories.

Lowering employee attrition for a global footwear retailer

By using voice analytics, robust internal tracking, and best practices in loyalty strategies, we helped our partner scale in-store customer engagement and lower attrition rates by 3% and shrinkage by 6%.

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Improving KPIs for a national clothing brand

By providing a state-of-the-art CRM system, we transformed customer experiences and KPIs for our partner. They reduced customer complaints, increased customer satisfaction, and improved safety – all while achieving higher retention and business goals.

Scaling up the team for a leading beauty brand

With service solution strategies, we helped our partner reduce new trainee ramp time from 7 days to just 48 hours, increased our on-demand team by 40%, and significantly decreased average response time.

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Retail & e-commerce case studies

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Fila Case Study


With Global Response, FILA increased online sales by 25%

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How Global Response boosted customer conversion and retention

“Global Response’s ability to scale up, scale down and use agents to help us with other things besides customer care, is very impressive and something that not all partners are able to do.”
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Dawn Trenson

Dawn Trenson | VP of E-Commerce in North America | FILA

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