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Omnichannel Support

You need an omnichannel customer experience solution that never drops the ball on customer contacts. The Global Response solution syncs across every channel so your customers never have to go looking for you.

Weak links lose customers

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No matter what your industry, modern consumers expect services wherever they are at the click of a button. Without seamlessly integrated databases and systems, customers can lose interest fast.

Integrate Seamlessly

Your systems have to integrate seamlessly

What your customers don’t realize is how much work it takes to align omnichannel support. You need your databases, protocols, data, processes, and teams to communicate together as one unified system.

You have to understand the customer journey

To succeed in each customer service interaction, brands need a deep understanding of their customer’s profiles and journey. How do they get from A to B, and how do we encourage them to find C? Without this data, you can lose them with a weak connection.

Customers want support to feel human

Despite all of this integration, customers also want to feel seen, known, and helped by a person who cares. Scaling all of this can be an enormous task without an able contact center partner.

Sync up your channels

Engage your customers on desktop, mobile, in-store, and beyond. Our omnichannel CX solutions support your customers across every touchpoint and keep them coming back for more.

Sync Up Your Channels

Seamless customer service on any platform, anywhere

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With Global Response, you can deliver a seamless end-to-end customer journey that emphasizes exceptional service and personalized care.

Integrate siloed systems

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Our communication channels integrate across your systems to support customer needs anywhere, from store inventory to mobile shopping to the flow of merchandise. For retail partners, we support full omnichannel solutions such as inventory location, ship to store, or pick-up and return, in addition to full e-commerce solutions.

Streamline the customer journey

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Our teams are trained in omnichannel support and they know how to evaluate your customer journey for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions possible. We use key data points and actionable insights to advise brands on the best way to unify their processes.

Personalized care on any channel

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Don’t drop communication at any point – keep customers engaged via chat, voice, text, email, social media, and more. At each touchpoint, our team will have rich data to apply and the friendly, personal touch your customers need.
Make it feel effortless

Make it feel effortless

A true omnichannel support solution will feel effortless to your customers and resolve all their needs across any time and place. Global Response will be there to greet them every time.

An omnichannel strategy means sales success

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How FILA improved online sales by 25% with our streamlined customer response

Lowering employee attrition for a global footwear retailer

In 2020, FILA needed a better contact center solution. They were losing customers because of a lack of integration from sales to customer complaints to warehouse planning. 

Later that year, we were able to turn it all around for FILA. With our omnichannel CX solutions, we standardized best practices across functions, reduced case response time, and scaled up a team across voice, chat, social, and more.

Fila Case Study 3
“Global Response’s ability to scale up, scale down and use agents to help us with other things besides customer care, is very impressive and something that not all partners are able to do.”
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Dawn Trenson

Dawn Trenson | VP of E-Commerce in North America | FILA

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