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Smartshore Contact Center

Smartshoring leverages virtual technology to take customer engagement global so you can get the best talent from absolutely anywhere. It means you get service wherever you want it, whether it’s domestic, international, or virtual. 


Using this dynamic approach, we provide customer service in the language and time zone of your customers AND cut your costs. We also have the flexibility to match the perfect associate to your brand.

Welcome to the future of customer service

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At Global Response, we have a dynamic approach to Smartshoring, which we break down into four categories: Nearshore, Offshore, Homeshore and Onshore. 

Our associates are our greatest asset. Now they’re closer to your customer than ever.


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Our Nearshore team is the next layer of flexible response for our partners. Based in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, the Nearshore team complements the work of our Onshore teams. They can work in the same time zones and are easily accessible from the domestic market. But for partners, our Nearshore team can cut costs by 30-40% on average. 

With Nearshoring, you get the same quality service at a comfortable price reduction. The Nearshore team also offers even more language options and services to the massive Central and South America, as well as the millions of Spanish speakers in the United States.


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Our Offshore team is based in the Philippines and helps serve our global partners and customers. We provide the highest level of training in customer service skills and hire the talent we know we can trust to represent your brand.

The team is based in a state-of-the-art contact center with the best in customer engagement technology. For our partners, the price reduction is 50-60%, but the services still match our standards – powered by state-of-the-art technology, perfected by a human touch.


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In 2020, we pivoted to work-from-home solutions and virtual innovations so that our teams could nimbly serve our partners regardless of where they were. The practice of managing team members who work from home is called “homeshoring” – and it’s changing the game for our partners.

Homeshoring means that you get world-class service at a significant discount. With this flexible workforce solution, we can offer our partners cost savings and scalable team supports. Homeshoring gives us the advantage in talent acquisition and helps us match brand specialists to your brand from anywhere in the world.


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Our Onshore teams are located in the United States and manage customer engagement for all domestic needs. The Onshore operations base is in Margate, Florida, with satellite teams based in Wisconsin and Michigan. Our midwest locations allow us to dynamically serve time zones throughout the US. 

Our Onshore team provides first-class onsite training and team-building events. This team is the heartbeat of our culture and we make sure that our onshore culture reaches every associate across the world. We also offer hands-on client collaboration with the onshore team. Participate in focus groups, team building, and elite training.

See how Smartshoring is revolutionizing customer engagement for our partners

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