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Is outsourcing to Mexico right for your business? Call centers in Mexico offer a variety of benefits that eliminate many of the downsides of offshoring or domestic outsourcing—and our Global Response call centers in Mexico offer some of the best outsourcing solutions.

Why choose a call center in Mexico?

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When it comes to outsourcing, the old adage holds true: location matters. But what can Mexico call centers offer that other locations can’t?


Our Mexican call center is located in Hermosillo, a border town less than an hour away by plane from one of our main locations in Tempe, Arizona. With a Mexican call center, your team or ours can easily collaborate with nearby locations, similar time zones and easy travel between locations.

Domestic expertise & oversight.

Our US-based leadership team frequently visits our nearshore facility in Mexico, providing oversight and training based on US-based best practices.

High-quality education and training.

Our Mexican call center partners with the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) and 17 local universities to provide training, education, language practice and other growth and development opportunities for our agents, ensuring you get the highest quality of service.

Familiarity with the US.

As our call center is located in a border town, the area is populated with English-speaking citizens. Many of our agents attended English-speaking schools and universities, or may have even grown up or studied in the US. As such, your customer service will benefit from strong English fluency and cultural understanding.



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Our team at Global Response manages our Mexican call center team based in Hermosillo, Senora, Mexico. Located less than 6 hours by car from one of our main locations in Tempe, Arizona, Hermosillo is considered a border town, which allows our domestic team to provide oversight and support while still allowing local leadership to manage day-to-day operations.

Our team in Hermosillo includes a Country Manager who oversees Project Managers, Trainers, Supervisors, QA Managers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and an HR team including Recruiters. Our organizational structure allows for internal, operational leadership—i.e. Supervisors, Project Managers and QA teams—to focus on program and client success, while the HR & Recruiting team ensure employee success, satisfaction and quality.

Our Recruiting process is carefully structured to ensure the highest quality of agents across our entire team. All prospective employees go through initial candidate interviews, English proficiency evaluations, background checks and drug screenings. Final candidates are reviewed by both local and US-based leadership to ensure candidates have the skill level and English proficiency required to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Once employees are onboarded, we ensure a safe, healthy and engaging workspace to support employee satisfaction and ensure consistent quality service for our clients. We take a variety of steps to ensure this, for example:

  • providing work transportation for each employee
  • giving health assessments to each employee upon arrival
  • securing facilities with restricted access doors to ensure employee safety and customer data protection
  • equipping our call centers with breakrooms stocked with games, TVs and a food marketplace
  • hosting employee appreciation events, company competitions and other engagement activities

Mexico call center services

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When you outsource to Mexico, you can take advantage of a variety of outsourcing services, including:

Save time and make your business more cost-effective by outsourcing non-core business tasks such as administrative work, appointment setting, payments and more.

Support your customer service with service on any channel—and a streamlined experience for the customer across every touchpoint.

Take care of your customers, 24/7 with outsourced customer service that meets customers whenever they need you.

Tech support guides users through simple or complex product or service issues to ensure they have a high-quality experience with your brand and product.

Reach more customers by communicating with customers in their own languages—multilingual support means you never drop the ball on customer connection.

Grow your business with telemarketing, customer surveys, market research and more. and more!

Industries we serve

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Who benefits from our Mexico call center services? We serve a variety of industries, including:

How to choose the right Mexico call center

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How do you determine the best call center for you? While location is important, not every Mexico call center is created equal. Consider the following needs and categories alongside your goals to determine the right call center for you.

Expertise and experience
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Does your potential provider have experience with your industry, audience and goals? Knowing your industry is important, but so is understanding your pain points. Providers with experience in your industry and needs will be better able to develop successful strategies to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Results and testimonials
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Trusting that your call center can get the results you need is a crucial step in vetting your prospective providers. If you’ve already looked at the expertise and experience of your potential provider, you should have a basic understanding of the types of services they offer and the results they’ve generated for past clients. But you should also understand the client’s perspective—look for case studies, use cases, testimonials and/or reviews that can highlight positive and consistent results. 

Executive leadership
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Without strong leadership, the quality of your service will suffer. Leadership in a call center affects everything from strategy and day-to-day operations to employees who are hired, communication and collaboration efforts, data and analytics, and more. As such, it’s crucial to find call centers who have trustworthy, experienced leadership who are involved and accessible.

Flexibility and scalability
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Your business is growing, and your call center should be able to grow right alongside you. Outsourcing is a great way to scale your team affordably, and increase flexibility for seasonal demands, peak periods, new product launches, business expansion into new markets and more. Of course, all of this is only possible if you choose a call center that can provide you with flexibility to scale appropriately and affordably for ongoing customer support.

How do Mexico call centers compare?

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Market Size Large labor market makes scaling and flexible solutions easy Subject to ebbs and flows of US labor market and demands Smaller labor market due to geographic size can limit scalability and flexibility Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly, but with some quality issues Large labor market makes scaling easy and cost-effective Large labor market makes it possible to scale quickly
Infrastructure and technology Strong infrastructure and technology caters to a US market Infrastructure and technology is on par for US norms Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other nearshoring locations Infrastructure is often less sophisticated or consistent compared to other outsourcing locations Cultural focus on technology and innovation supports infrastructure and modern tech Infrastructure may be less sophisticated or consistent compared to other locations
Cultural or Linguistic Compatibility Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural or linguistic issues are rarely problems Proximity to the US means cultural or linguistic barriers rarely exist Cultural and linguistic barriers are common issues, especially in customer-facing roles Proximity to Europe heightens familiarity with Western cultures and languages Cultural compatibility with Western countries make connecting with customers easier
Taxes and Business Tax incentives and exchanges rates in Mexico are favorable for US businesses US-based outsourcing offers familiar tax and legal systems, but at a premium price As a US territory, taxes and legal systems don’t offer any unique benefits, and have additional complications since Puerto Rico is not an official state. No specific tax benefits or legal incentives No specific tax benefits or legal incentives, though proximity to Europe increases familiarity with Western business models No specific tax benefits or legal incentives
Multilingual Availability Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Multilingual or bilingual agents are rarer and more expensive Multilingual agents are very common, typically fluent in Spanish and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages Multilingual agents often speak French and English Many multilingual agents, but may not be fluent in relevant languages
Proximity Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Nearby call centers invite accessibility and collaboration Geographic proximity makes accessibility, collaboration and communication easy Geographic distance creates barriers to accessibility and collaboration Proximity to Europe makes call centers more accessible for clients Geographic distance can create less control and collaboration available
Cost & Quality Very cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality High service quality, but more expensive services Cost-effective option with a good balance of affordability and quality Very affordable services, but often with a lower service quality Very affordable services with a high service quality Very affordable services, but often with some language or communication barriers

Mexico call center FAQs

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Mexico is a great place to outsource customer support and other business processes, due to its accessible location, high familiarity with the US, growing technology and security, high-quality agents, and affordability.

Overseas call centers provide increased opportunities for affordability, scalability and flexibility compared to operating a call center in-house or domestically. Since the cost of living in many other countries is less than the US, agent salaries and overhead costs are lower compared with domestic outsourcing. In addition, overseas call centers can make it easier to scale, hire agents quickly, reduce overhead and offer extended hours or multilingual services.

Many call centers in Mexico are located in border towns such as Hermosillo, Mexicali, Tijuana, and Monterrey. However, large cities such as Mexico City and Guadalajara also have a high concentration of bilingual workers and international operations.

Outsourcing to Mexico is generally significantly more affordable than outsourcing domestically. Since the cost of living in Mexico is much lower than in the US, agent salaries and per-hour rates are lower, allowing businesses to scale operations more affordably. In addition, outsourcing reduces overhead and hiring costs.

See results from our Mexico call centers

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Want to see the Global Response difference? See some of our client stories or connect with an expert today to see how our Mexico call centers can give your team the results you’re looking for.

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