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Help Desk Outsourcing

Your business has big goals. You want your staff to be able to focus on high-impact strategies rather than Tier 1 support issues. Our brand-passionate teams are here to handle it all for you – so you can go back to those big goals of yours.

Don’t let basic support issues become speed bumps

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Every company experiences basic technical or semi-technical support requests from customers who need a little extra help. But those little problems can stack up to a big slowdown in service delivery.

Help Desk Support

Help desk requests can slow performance

While Tier 1 support issues may seem like a small problem to deal with, they can start to add up. They’re not usually hard to solve, but they sure are frustrating to handle.

Help desk customers need patient, empathic support

Even small technical issues can be a huge frustration. Customers often call when they’re on their last thread of patience, and their interaction can make or break their support of your brand.

Inefficient call centers hurt cost to serve

A lot of third-party and BPO call centers employ agents who don’t have the skills to quickly and seamlessly navigate help desk requests. This increases call time and cost to serve, and decreases CSAT.

Stop wasting time on your Help Desk and focus on your business instead

Put our full-service customer experience management solutions to work for your team. You’ll never have to worry about your help desk again.

Focus On Your Business

At Global Response, we’re here to serve your customers

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We provide world-class teams and customized solutions designed to support every customer we encounter. We’re an extension of your brand so every positive experience builds brand loyalty.

Streamline support performance

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Our customer engagement strategies optimize performance and call response and reduce case response time. We create scalable best practices so you can ramp support up or down. And our advanced customer analytics give actionable insights so you can address problems proactively.

Empathetic, customer-focused support

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When one of your customers contacts us with basic technical issues, they need to be met with patience and clear direction. We hire our brand specialists based on key indicators for emotional IQ, empathy, and social skills. Our teams are ready to listen patiently and explain clearly until the problem is solved.

Highly skilled team members

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Our effective team members are also experts in your system. Our brand immersion approach ensures that the specialists assigned to your company have deep knowledge of your business. They understand product functionality, website navigation, and can visualize where the client is in the process. They can seamlessly help with issues like login support, password reset, and product and service FAQs for technology-related programs.

customer experiences

Turn help desk calls into transformative customer experiences

We have a track record of helping reach higher customer satisfaction, reduced call volume, and efficient support services. Don’t waste another minute on tech support.

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