HIPAA Compliant Call Center

Medical-grade privacy for your patient’s data.

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a doctor in a lab coat at their computer learning about HIPAA compliant call centers
Your patients deserve for their data to be protected at all times. Our HIPAA-compliant call center protects their data — which protects you too.

Patient privacy is non-negotiable

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As healthcare technology and call center software expands and grows, HIPAA compliance, data privacy and patient safety are more important than ever. Let our team be the experts on protecting your patient data, so your team can spend more time on patient care.

a doctor that utilizes a HIPAA compliant call center holding the hand of a patient.

Long wait times

Managing customer service in-house can help maintain HIPAA compliance, but it leads to long wait times, mismanaged call volume and reduced customer satisfaction.

Limited communication channels

Whether you’re managing your customer service in-house or working with an outsourced call center provider, managing HIPAA compliance often means reducing the number of communication channels customers have available. After all, each channel requires its own HIPAA-compliant strategies, and the more you have, the harder this can be to manage.

Increased risk

Outsourcing to a non-compliant call center can put your healthcare organization at a massive risk if patient privacy or data is compromised. Even if your call center has limited data access, HIPAA violations can be costly.

Get the coverage and support your customers deserve.

Trust that your call center knows how to protect your patient’s sensitive data with comprehensive HIPAA compliance. At Global Response, we manage privacy, security and HIPAA training for all agents and users so you can rest assured your customers are taken care of.
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Patient privacy you can count on

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With Global Response, you can improve customer service, retention and quality without sacrificing HIPAA compliance or data privacy standards. That’s because we pair state-of-the-art technology with our emphasis on exceptional training and high-quality agents, allowing our HIPAA-compliant call centers to ensure that your patients are always well cared for.

Enhanced data privacy for all channels

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We offer enhanced data encryption for all channels, from email to secure, cloud-based text messaging and more. Expand your support and accessibility for greater customer satisfaction without minimizing data privacy and security.

Secure appointment setting

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Even basic call center tasks, like appointment setting, should be aligned with HIPAA standards and regulations. At Global Response, we have a rigorous system for meeting HIPAA requirements to maintain the highest standards of data security.

Ongoing HIPAA training for agents

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Compliance requirements for HIPAA aren’t always intuitive—that’s why we ensure all of our agents are properly and regularly trained on current HIPAA regulations. With ongoing training and compliance verification tests, we protect against data breaches and ensure your patients are always protected.
a doctor that uses a HIPAA compliant call center looking at the camera while holding his glasses

Their privacy, our priority

Our HIPAA-compliant call center teams ensure you can deliver exceptional customer service while adhering to the privacy and security your patients deserve.

Connect with a HIPAA-compliant call center consultant

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Get happier, more satisfied customers with Global Response.

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