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Tech Support Services

Outsourcing technical support can save you time and money while increasing the value your customers feel. Put our highly trained, highly personal account specialists to work for you.

Tech support shouldn't drain your resources

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When your customers have a technical issue, they need immediate support. Tier 2, or T2, tech support involves more complex technical knowledge than basic sign-in and help desk issues. Effective T2 tech support has to rapidly resolve issues, deeply understand diagnostics and protocols, and effectively escalate Tier 3 issues that require high-level technical skill.

Tech Support

Customers with tech issues are already frustrated

They’ve probably been trying to solve their issue for a while and come to you when they’re already frustrated and need immediate resolution. Effective tech support can transform this sticky situation into an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

Internal tech support is expensive

Companies don’t always have the budget to hire internal tech support staff. For those who do, it’s important to be able to scale up or down, and have someone to manage overflow or after-hours calls. Your third-party tech support team needs to know your products inside and out and deliver a premium brand experience with every customer touchpoint.

Are you missing key product insights?

Tech support cases can give key insights into product issues and customer sentiment. But without advanced data analytics, companies often miss these opportunities for improvement. An effective customer experience management solution for tech support will help develop insights and protocols for the long term.

Control your tech support with Global Response

Deliver instant call resolutions, advanced diagnostic tools and support, and superior customer experiences across the board. We make your brand our business so you never have to worry about customers getting left behind.

Delighted Customers From Tech Support

Highly skilled technical support centered around your customer

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At Global Response we provide independent infrastructure and advanced diagnostic tools to immediately and effectively resolve customer issues. Our customer experience management specialists provide multichannel support so customers can reach us by phone, chat, social media, and email, and always have their requests answered.

Make your customers feel valued

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Our team leaders are personal, professional, and experienced. They bring specialist expertise for common issues and a deep understanding of your solutions database for tech support specific to your service or device. If they can’t solve it, they can swiftly escalate to Tier 3.

A team that scales to your needs

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Whether your T2 support includes device configurations, installation support, new release troubleshooting, product enhancements, or support with your ticketing systems – we have the solution for you. Our goal is to solve problems, resolve customer issues, and scale to meet your changing needs.

Deep analysis and functional improvements

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Our in-depth data analysis helps flag frequent issues so your developers can apply a permanent fix. Our team helps develop response protocols for a more efficient fix every time – through logging functional defects into ticketing systems, recording customer suggestions for product enhancements, and more. Use our tech support to deliver key insights for your product.

Expert US-Based Staff with Global Presence

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Global Response is a US-based company, so partnering with us bypasses many common communication and connectivity challenges. Our smartshoring approach leverages virtual technology to cut costs while providing greater flexibility to align with your customers’ needs. 

With Global Response, your customers will get the care and services they need when they need them. Our dynamic approach ensures options for every time zone and language spoken by your clients

Customer Loyalty

Turn customer frustrations into customer loyalty

Show your customers incredible value through fast, painless tech support. By outsourcing with Global Response, you can reduce your costs, scale your team based on your specific needs, and ensure your customers are met with personal, professional, and highly-trained specialists every time.

Connect with a customer experience consultant

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