Nearshoring: the CX trend that’s here to stay

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Nearshoring is the Goldilocks option for companies looking to cut costs without losing the highest level of service. Nearshoring allows companies to deploy work in less expensive areas that are still geographically close to their business core. It’s a solution to the downsides of both onshoring and offshoring – and Global Response has been leading the way.

Cut costs, not corners

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Excellence requires meeting your customers where they are – in their language, on their time, and with their cultural expectations. Too often, CX solutions sacrifice service levels for budget solutions, and customer happiness suffers. But with a nearshoring company, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.
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Customers expect the best in support

Empathetic customer support agents are more important to customers than almost any other metric. It takes highly trained and skilled agents to offer the level of support customers need.

But companies need to do more with less

The cost of a customer support representative’s salary is going up – a lot. How can companies cope with rising costs?

Flexibility is critical in today’s marketplace

Companies are reimagining workflows and customer support to ensure agility in the rapidly changing market. Flexibility is a priority.

Don’t settle for less

You don’t have to choose between affordable labor and excellent service. Learn more about how nearshoring can solve your customer support headaches.
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Get the best of both worlds

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Nearshoring is the future of CX. Nearshoring companies can deploy a cost-effective workforce that shares key alignments with customers, like culture, language, and even time zone.

The best in CX management

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At Global Response, our nearshoring offices employ expert representatives with high EQs, technical expertise, and the best CX training. Because they’re located just a short trip away, we have excellent quality control and high collaboration among teams – resulting in the best for your customers. We prioritize human connection, empathy, and flawless expertise.

Cost savings are here

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Nearshoring allows us to find highly skilled specialists in countries with a lower cost of living. That means we pay our customer service reps excellent wages, but we don’t pass along the cost of high salaries to you–our customer. Nearshoring allows us to deliver a cheaper option to our partners than if they managed customer experience in-house. We handle recruitment, training, salaries, benefits, equipment, office leases, and more.

Nimble, flexible, exactly what you need

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Closer proximity to our nearshore teams allows us to align work schedules, drive collaboration, and more easily travel between offices. With rapidly changing customer environments, we can adapt quickly with strong coordination among our teams. Our leadership team can get to know our employees and help boost flexibility, faster decision-making, and greater productivity.

Ready to unlock nearshoring benefits?

Learn more about our nearshore teams and how they’re driving customer happiness for our partners.

Learn more about nearshoring on our CX blog

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Get the latest in CX trends, innovation, tips, and techniques. Global Response has been in the industry for decades, and we’ve built a knowledgebase for our partners and customers to help drive happier customers. 

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