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Contact Center Analytics

We use state-of-the-art platforms to translate data into actionable insights that drive your results. You’ll get a 360-degree view of your customers, customer trends, and the insights you need to boost your bottom line.

Are you using your data to your competitive advantage?

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Everyone has data, but not everyone is using their data to transform business results. But analytics can bring clarity to decision-makers, and change the game for customer experience. Consider if your data is helping you with these big questions.

Predict Customer Behavior

Can you accurately predict customer behavior?

With the right data, companies can track and forecast customer sentiment and behavior. But you need real-time insights and a 360 view of your customers. Your contact center should give you easily accessible tools to gauge customer trends, risks, and opportunities.

What business decisions are being held up?

Business intelligence through speech and predictive analysis should be helping move business decisions at your company. You need robust analytics at speed so you can feel confident in your sales, product, and customer retention strategies.

What leads are sitting untapped?

Analytics should help you identify high-value customers, maximize product opportunities, and support keyword analysis. If your data isn’t solving this for you, it’s time to look for a new solution.

Level up your customer happiness

The right data can tell you everything you need to know to increase customer satisfaction and drive growth. Our analytics service helps our partners uncover and understand key insights that level up their business results.

Level Up Your Customer Happiness

Transform your data into business intelligence

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At Global Response, we leverage sophisticated analytics to understand your customer, why they’re contacting you, and what they need. With this advanced data, you can optimize performance, predict customer behavior, and decrease costs.

Here’s how our multi-channel, end-to-end analytics can help your company.

Predict customer behavior

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Our integrated analytics tools give you a 360 view of your customer engagement. Using predictive analysis, we provide critical customer insights for customer satisfaction and lead management.

Support business decisions

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Use your data to understand customer pain points and streamline your customer experience, identify areas to build efficiency, and build lasting growth strategies. Our business intelligence platforms allow for pattern recognition and provide decision support for new technology and policy change.  

Optimize performance

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With tools to support speech-to-text, contact arrival patterns, and disposition analysis, you can optimize performance across engagements. The insights we uncover can help reduce marketing expenses, increase conversion, and drive customer satisfaction.

Make Your Data Work For You

Power your growth with actionable insights

Make your data work for you with our industry-leading analytics service. Our team is committed to your brand and a consultative approach that gives you visibility into performance and growth. Learn more about how our analytics can support customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

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