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Welcome to a tailored experience with you in mind. We provide a comprehensive suite of value-driven software solutions so you can choose the right tools for your processes, products, workflow, and analytics.

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Exceptional sales processes

Our flexible, collaborative, and innovative approach is underpinned by exceptional business process management. Our digital solutions integrate every step of the customer experience to track, analyze, and deliver results.

Increased ROI

Robust software integrations allow us to power business performance. We use the leading tech in the world to leverage personal customer data into actionable insights, business intelligence, and a higher return on investment.

Increased ROI​

Our software integrations

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Omnichannel contact management. Connect customers with your brand through phone, email, chat, social, video, SMS, and more.

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Our brand specialists leverage all channels for customer support including voice, email, chat, mobile, social media, SMS.

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Improving customer service through cloud-based omnichannel contact management.

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A customer-focused contact management platform connecting us to your customers through seamless omnichannel supports.

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The enterprise industry solution for end-to-end customer support. We track every engagement so you can segment and service clients with real data insights.


The industry leader in conversational CRM. We connect with your customers across any channel from voice, email, chat, social, video, SMS, and more.

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Amazon Connect is an open platform that can integrate with other enterprise applications. We integrate Amazon Connect to provide omnichannel contact management.

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We use this high-tech CX platform to enable omnichannel contact management, data security, voice analytics, and robotic process automation.


Microsoft Dynamics supports our enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) across multiple applications.


This Quality Assurance (QA) and Workforce Management (WFM) tool helps us track and maintain the quality of calls and customer engagements.


Customer experience intelligence insights help us track and maintain QA and WFM solutions and standards.

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This cloud-based ERP solution gives us the best in order management, with the ability to track customer orders from entry to delivery.

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A leading supply chain management software, Manhattan provides robust order management from end to end.


IBM’s tech solutions help power our order management platforms, delivering state-of-the-art tracking through the entire order process.


UPS is the most reliable shipping and receiving company in America and we use their order tracking platform to stay on top of customer packages and deliveries.

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We use this leading online retail platform for online storefront enablement for e-commerce partners.

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Magento powers online storefront enablement, providing open-source and highly integration e-commerce solutions.

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A secure and scalable data solution that hosts our servers and builds the backbone infrastructure of our contact center.

amazon web services

Amazon Web Services are an essential service providing on-demand cloud computing and hosting our servers and data centers.

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Cloud computing for elite application management, infrastructure, and data protection.

cyber source

An e-commerce credit card payment system that monitors orders for authenticity.

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Award-winning payment processing that protects transactions from fraud.


Cloud computing for elite application management, infrastructure, and data protection.

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Helpdesk support software that allows bug tracking and our own agile project management.

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Cloud computing and virtualization tech that supports our service desk management and software development.

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Leading CRM software we use to centralize and track customer data, and accurately serve clients.

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This social media management platform supports our comment monitoring and response development across all social networks.


SaaS customer experience management that supports comment monitoring and response development across social networks.

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Digital communication technology that boosts our conversational commerce supports.

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The best in technology, supporting and enabling our teams’ digital communication strategies.

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Enables multi-channel customer service with over 175 help desk and live chat features.


This suite of cloud computing services enables our data analysis, including pattern recognition and speech-to-text features.

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Enterprise software that converts complex datasets into easily digestible reports and business insights.

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Interactive data visualization software that delivers business intelligence and analytics.

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