The Best Call Center Software Tools in 2021

A key factor of handling customer inquiries in an organized manner is the type of infrastructure you have in place. There needs to be a clear protol to ensure consistency and that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. This is why the call center software tools that are used are so important. The enterprise infrastructure services Global Response has in place allow for the operation and management of all of our client and customer systems.

Global Response has designed and streamlined an extensive client and customer experience using a variety of technologies and software tools. The carefully designed infrastructure provides customers with increased efficiency and allows for consistent service across all communication channels. As customers expect faster responses, more personalized service, and increased availability, we are able to deliver via our enterprise infrastructure services. 

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our company, which is why Global Response relies on the Agent Assist software from Five9. The features and services available through the Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software we use help to simplify the process of engaging with customers, and deliver consistent customer experiences. This enterprise telephony service engages customers through different channels and helps to create a personalized service experience.

Five9 is the foundation of the Global Response enterprise telephony service. It is built on a highly reliable, secure, and scalable cloud platform. The way this software operates is extremely beneficial for both our clients and our Brand Specialists. As many of our Brand Specialists work from different locations, we recognize that a cloud based system is the best way to avoid any down time for our clients while eliminating the need to be tied to a specific location in order to perform job duties.

The Five9 software system is a platform that was created to simplify the process of engaging with customers through various channels. Because of its comprehensive features, Five9 helps to create an intuitive, and more personalized, experience, which is something that customers are always looking for. With the Five9 software system, it is extremely simple to incorporate new services into current offerings, making it an essential software tool. Also, since the system is cloud-based, our team has access to real-time upgrades, ensuring the most up-to-date information.

Agent Assist is another service through the Five9 system that is currently being used at Global Response. The software, which is referred to as “practical AI” offers Brand Specialists assistance that can help both during and after customer calls. It uses AI-based, real-time call transcriptions to summarize calls and allows Specialists to import the information into the CRM or other management system with a single click. This plays a huge role in streamlining the overall process and avoids customers having to repeat information in future communications.

Having access to the best call center software tools is essential in providing excellent customer service. By using the Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software as part of our enterprise infrastructure services, it allows Brand Specialists to be more efficient, productive and motivated, and improves overall customer care quality through in-depth reports and insightful analytics. Global Response is able to offer simple to use, convenient solutions for customers, and help Brand Specialists to create customized care experiences for each and every customer.