Clienteling for Gen Z: Understanding the Needs of a New Generation

a person benefiting from a luxury retail brand's clienteling strategy while they make a purchase using their credit card outdoorsThe newest generation is on the block with some major purchasing power and a thirst for luxury, eco-conscious and socially-responsible brands.  It’s Gen Z, of course.  And if you’re thinking, “Isn’t Gen Z a bit too young for luxury and clienteling?,” think again. Gen Z is defined as those born between 1997 and 2010, which […]

How to Maintain Control When Outsourcing to a Call Center

a business owner discussing the ways they can maintain control of their business even though they outsource their customer service to a call centerIf you’ve ever had an outsourcing partnership go “off the rails”—or you’re afraid of that happening—then you might be wondering how to maintain more control when outsourcing. Control tends to be especially important when it comes to outsourced call centers. When you’re asking another team to manage customer communications, interactions with frustrated clients and more, maintaining […]

Which Call Center Model is Right For You?

a business owner researching the various call center modelsInbound, outbound, blended, hybrid—navigating the different types of call center models can require its own dictionary. Luckily for you, we’ve created that dictionary right here. If you’re looking to outsource your call center needs, but aren’t sure which model is right for you—or even what models are available—we’re here to help. In this article, we’ve […]

Nearshore Outsourcing: When Does It Make Sense?

nearshore outsourcing call center agent at workDo any of the following scenarios sound familiar?You’re growing faster than you can manage and service levels are starting to decrease as a result.You’re outsourcing already to an onshore partner but need to scale faster (or more affordably).You need specialized help and your in-house team can’t meet all of your needs.Your call center needs are […]

BPO Call Centers: 8 Features To Look For

a person working in a BPO call centerAre you looking to: boost productivity and efficiency among your team? improve customer satisfaction and results? free up internal teams to focus on core business? streamline your processes and workflows?If so, a BPO call center partner can help. Not only can a great BPO call center manage day-to-day operations of customer service and support, but BPO outsourcing can also […]

5 Tips To Reduce Your Call Center’s Average Handle Time (AHT)

a person checking their watch, tracking their call center's average handle time.Are your call center interactions taking too long? If so, it might be time to start reducing your average handle time. Although average handle time might seem like a small—and primarily internal—metric, it can make a big difference on customer satisfaction. Faster handle times mean: more customers can get helped more quickly increased volume in calls presents less of […]

6 Customer Service Goals That Matter Most in 2023

a business owner using their laptop to work on their customer service goals while talking on a headsetWe’re all familiar with traditions of setting goals, resolutions or intentions for the New Year in our personal lives—but what about for our work or businesses? Setting goals at the start of a new year, quarter or season is important to continue to take your business to the next level.Of course, knowing where you want […]

How To Create a Winning B2B Customer Service Strategy

b2b customer service representative helping their customers on the phoneAlthough customer service is often focused on in B2C companies, it’s just as important—if not more so—in B2B companies. In fact, up to 80% of B2B purchase decisions are impacted by a buyer’s experience with the B2B customer service, so it’s an essential quality of your brand or company to consider.However, B2B customer service is […]

The 6 Most Important Customer Service Skills In 2023

a call center agent utilizing their customer service skills to provide a great customer experienceGood customer service skills among your brand representatives is a must—so why is it often so difficult to define exactly what skills make good customer service possible? One reason is that customer service is a multifaceted, complex job, involving both soft skills (such as empathy and patience) alongside hard skills (such as product knowledge and efficiency). […]

Customer Service Outsourcing – Is It Right For Your Organization?

a customer service outsourcing specialist working at their computer68% of US-based businesses outsource some of their business processes—including, commonly, customer service. But is outsourcing your customer service a smart business move?For many companies, the answer is clear. Outsourcing customer service allows your business to scale effectively, manage customer demand, save time and money, and improve customer trust, loyalty and retention. However, outsourcing any […]