How Customer Analytics Drives Informed Decision-Making

a business owner reviewing their customer analytics at their computerToday’s companies collect more customer data than ever. Unfortunately, many companies still aren’t using it for its full effect. Customer analytics allow you to take the customer data you’ve collected and assess, aggregate and analyze it to understand trends, make forecasts and better understand your customers. In doing so, you can develop actionable insights that drive […]

Multilingual Support: Expanding Reach with Retail Call Center Services

a call center agent working in a multilingual call center support environment.One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing customer service is whether or not agents will be able to speak English well enough to provide effortless and easy communication—and avoid misunderstandings—with customers. While this is obviously essential, what about your customers who don’t speak English as a first language themselves? Not only do these customers have […]

Using Call Centers to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

two people shaking hands as they work on building customer relationshipsThink back to your last new relationship: whether it was a friend, a work colleague, a child or a romantic relationship, building any new relationship takes time, effort and dedicated focus.  Relationships with your customers are no different—and yet, many businesses assume they will happen automatically. When they don’t, it can be easy to just […]

Blended Call Centers: Finding The Right Mix

a blended call center agent working at their deskIf you currently use inbound or outbound call center services and are looking for ways to: expand your servicesimprove service levelsincrease efficiency develop more flexible and scalable models support business growth …then a blended call center might be a better fit for your business. What is a blended call center, and how do you find the right mix for your […]

The Importance of Customer Feedback

somebody providing customer feedback using their laptopWho first comes to mind when you consider the most valuable voices in your business? Perhaps you think of the CEO or COO, or other C-Suite leadership. Perhaps it’s a particularly effective visionary among your management staff. Perhaps you consider your on-the-ground employees the foundation of your vision. But what about your customers? How valuable […]

Customer Service vs Customer Experience: What’s The Difference?

someone researching customer service vs customer experience on their computer.Q: What’s the difference between customer service and customer experience?  A: Customer service is marked by a single interaction, such as a customer contacting your brand, while customer experience is the combined sum of all of a customer’s interactions with your brand. Q: Why does this difference matter for my brand?  A: That’s a much […]

Going From Good Customer Service to Great Customer Service

a person at their computer researching good customer service tacticsCan great customer service really impact your brand, or is good customer service good enough?In today’s saturated marketplace, customer service matters more than ever. As the recent data highlights:86% of customers would leave a brand they were previously loyal to after just a few bad experiences, with 62% saying just one bad experience is enough […]

How To Improve Customer Service Within Your Organization

an illustration of a red airplane breaking away from a pack of other planes representing an improvement in customer serviceCustomer service matters—a lot. Besides being good for your bottom line (more on that below), 81% of marketers say their companies compete “mostly or completely on the basis of CX.” It’s a key differentiator, so improving your CX should be an ongoing focus and priority. However, that’s often easier said than done. How can you […]

Say This Not That: Customer Service Phrases To Avoid

speech bubbles representing customer service phrasesWhen talking to customers, it’s easy to know what you should say to make a good impression.But what are the customer service phrases and language you might use that inadvertently make a negative impression?Some are obvious, of course (never tell a customer no).Some, however, are more insidious.Communicating effectively with customers is more about saying the […]

5 Tips To Reduce Your Call Center’s Average Handle Time (AHT)

a person checking their watch, tracking their call center's average handle time.Are your call center interactions taking too long? If so, it might be time to start reducing your average handle time. Although average handle time might seem like a small—and primarily internal—metric, it can make a big difference on customer satisfaction. Faster handle times mean: more customers can get helped more quickly increased volume in […]