How to Improve Customer Service (and How a Call Center Can Help)

a person researching ways to improve customer service on their smart phoneIn today’s world, customers expect not only excellent products but also excellent service. Quality customer service matters; just look at the numbers:83% of customers are more loyal to businesses that respond to and resolve their complaints.And by increasing customer retention by a mere 5%, companies raise their profits between 25% and 95%.Improving your customer service […]

How to Evaluate and Choose a Help Desk Service Provider

a help desk service provider working at their deskToday’s customer expectations are higher than ever, and that’s just as true when it comes to help desk support as general customer service. As a result, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing to manage their help desk service. And doing so is a great idea. Outsourcing your help desk can deliver massive benefits, […]

Your Guide to Navigating the World of Customer Service Outsourcing

a customer service outsourcing agent working from homeCustomer service outsourcing is a huge industry, resulting in approximately $525 billion dollars of spend every year, in fact. But if you’re not outsourcing your customer service yet, it may seem like a big project that’s not necessarily worth the investment. For example, many companies who haven’t outsourced customer service before wonder: How can I find a […]

The Impact of Help Desk Outsourcing on Customer Satisfaction

a help desk outsourcing agent working at their deskCan help desk outsourcing really make a difference on customer satisfaction?Help desk requests may seem like a small (although often bothersome) task. Whether you get tons of help desk requests or just a few, dealing with them often causes a lot of frustration to your customers—which is compounded if they can’t get quick and efficient […]

How Customer Analytics Drives Informed Decision-Making

a business owner reviewing their customer analytics at their computerToday’s companies collect more customer data than ever. Unfortunately, many companies still aren’t using it for its full effect. Customer analytics allow you to take the customer data you’ve collected and assess, aggregate and analyze it to understand trends, make forecasts and better understand your customers. In doing so, you can develop actionable insights that drive […]

What Your Net Promoter Score Really Means—and How to Measure It

an image of a scale depicting the meaning of various NPS scoresIf you’ve worked in or alongside Customer Experience teams for any length of time, you’ve likely heard of NPS, or Net Promoter Scores.But while the standard NPS survey is simple, interpreting your NPS score and figuring out how to use it for company growth and improvement is anything but.NPS is a metric that was first […]

Multilingual Support: Expanding Reach with Retail Call Center Services

a call center agent working in a multilingual call center support environment.One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing customer service is whether or not agents will be able to speak English well enough to provide effortless and easy communication—and avoid misunderstandings—with customers. While this is obviously essential, what about your customers who don’t speak English as a first language themselves? Not only do these customers have […]

Using Call Centers to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

two people shaking hands as they work on building customer relationshipsThink back to your last new relationship: whether it was a friend, a work colleague, a child or a romantic relationship, building any new relationship takes time, effort and dedicated focus.  Relationships with your customers are no different—and yet, many businesses assume they will happen automatically. When they don’t, it can be easy to just […]

Customer Orientation: Putting The Customer First

a person at their computer, wearing a headset researching information about customer orientationCustomer-centric, customer orientation, customer obsessed: these buzzwords get thrown around frequently, but what do they really mean—and how can you implement these strategies at your own organization? In today’s world, customer orientation is becoming increasingly expected in customer service, but harder and harder for companies to actually achieve. While customers expect businesses to know and adapt […]

Which Customer Service KPIs & Metrics Matter Most?

business person sitting in front of their computer reviewing customer service kpis and metricsEveryone knows data is important, but which data matters most? Far too many companies blindly track dozens of customer service metrics or KPIs without having a clear pathway to actioning them or understanding which metrics can truly move the needle for their customer satisfaction and bottom line. As a result, it’s essential to understand not only which […]