Healthcare BPO Services: Navigating Success in Healthcare Outsourcing

The healthcare industry requires the highest level of precision and customer service. Patients need support as they navigate personal health issues and complex insurance coverage. Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and insurance providers can all become overwhelmed handling both patient care and back-end administrative tasks.That’s where healthcare BPO services come in. Outsourcing non-essential tasks allows healthcare providers […]

What to Consider When Outsourcing Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry

someone leveraging healthcare outsourcing servicesHealthcare outsourcing is growing—estimated to reach $66.3 billion by 2025, according to some reports. But what’s leading the growth in this sector? If you work in management at a healthcare organization, you can probably wager a guess at the answer. Decreased budgets, increased demands, growing burnout among healthcare workers across all positions, increasing need for […]