How to Maintain Control When Outsourcing to a Call Center

a business owner discussing the ways they can maintain control of their business even though they outsource their customer service to a call centerIf you’ve ever had an outsourcing partnership go “off the rails”—or you’re afraid of that happening—then you might be wondering how to maintain more control when outsourcing. Control tends to be especially important when it comes to outsourced call centers. When you’re asking another team to manage customer communications, interactions with frustrated clients and more, maintaining […]

Blended Call Centers: Finding The Right Mix

a blended call center agent working at their deskIf you currently use inbound or outbound call center services and are looking for ways to: expand your servicesimprove service levelsincrease efficiency develop more flexible and scalable models support business growth …then a blended call center might be a better fit for your business. What is a blended call center, and how do you find the right mix for your […]

The Importance of Customer Feedback

somebody providing customer feedback using their laptopWho first comes to mind when you consider the most valuable voices in your business? Perhaps you think of the CEO or COO, or other C-Suite leadership. Perhaps it’s a particularly effective visionary among your management staff. Perhaps you consider your on-the-ground employees the foundation of your vision. But what about your customers? How valuable […]