Tip 1: Select the Right Candidates to Build Business Culture

Good organizations are built around good people. Beyond the dollars and cents of recruiting and training candidates, appreciating the knowledge level and tenure of associates is an important part of culture.

It creates engaged associates and benefits the brand, the associates and the contact center.

Follow these 5 tips in this week’s Best Practices blog to increase your associates’ engagement and build your unique business culture. 

Tip 1 follows:

Tip 1: Select the Right Candidates

  • Look to the recruiting process to set expectations. Set up recruiting processes to clearly communicate the role of the position that is being filled and set expectations for candidates during the interview.
  • Take the time to select the right candidate for the right position, using experienced program leaders immersed in the culture to both interview and select.
  • When a candidate fits with their position and program, it’s likelier they’ll want to stay and that their performance will lead to greater customer engagement.

See Tuesday’s blog for Tip 2

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