Call Center Outsourcing

The Complete Guide To Find The Right Call Center Partner

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What is Call Center Outsourcing?

There are so many different services and solutions when it comes to call centers, it’s hard to know what solutions will have the biggest impact on business goals. For example, when considering a partner, there are a number of questions to think about.

  • How many full-time agents do you need?
  • Where do you want them located?
  • What’s your all-in monthly budget?
  • What type of work will the agents be handling?

And so much more.

Call center programs also have a lot to offer in terms of business growth. This in-depth guide will cover it all using infographics, data, research, and industry expertise.

Scroll down and we’ll dive right in.


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Call Center Outsourcing


After learning about the different services, options, and benefits as well as a step-by-step guide to finding the right call center for your brand, you’ll be well equipped to start or continue your call center outsourcing journey. You’ll be able to engage with contact center outsourcing partners knowing what their language is and how they can help you achieve your customer experience goals.


Let’s dive right in shall we?


It’s important to understand that in the modern age of call centers, they don’t have to be a drain on a company’s budget. Call centers can be a valuable support channel that drives sales. So don’t think outsourcing is always a cost. Outsourcing can often be a profitable solution and help lift the bottom line for a lot of businesses.


With that in mind, let’s learn about some services call centers offer.

Call Center Services

What call center partners offer


Keeping track of data and analytics in your call center will help the manager optimize your program to get more for less. That means to save money and increasing KPIs. But having impactful data to help make adjustments is easier said than done.

Analytical Support
Help Desk

Help Desk

Free up your personnel with outsourced help desk support that fulfills Tier-1 issues all in a centralized program.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is tracked using data tools that enable teams to track the customer journey. This process opens up opportunities to increase CSAT scores and create long-lasting and valuable customer relationships.

Customer Satisfaction
Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

A well-designed loyalty program will have a positive impact on sales and revenue. Loyalty program support will help increase the customer lifetime value, increase retention, and keep a steady and consistent flow of sales. This isn’t always the case, however. Most loyalty programs aren’t fully utilized. A BPO call center is usually the missing link to help make the most of custom loyalty programs

Customer Support

When your customers need help, do they end up having a positive experience or do they wait for a long time to get lackluster support?

When customers need to talk to someone about a product or service, that exchange should be seen as an opportunity to win that customer’s brand loyalty all over again. The benefits of providing a positive CX can last for decades.

Customer Support
Multilingual Support

Multilingual Customer Support

Does your company serve customers in other countries or speak several languages? If so, multilingual support is a must if creating a positive customer experience is important to growth. And it always is.

Field Support

Companies that have employees or customers using non- location depended services should consider a specific kind of call center service that can tailor to being in the field. The unique situations that arise aren’t as common in other call center programs like the help desk. 

Field Support
Sales Call Center


When customers call in with support needs, use that opportunity to cross or upsell. Then use the sales-trained call center partners to make outbound calls to your current customers to further sell to them. An effective sales call center program can help turn the cost of the call center into a profitable addition to support revenue. 

Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support has increased a lot in the last few years due to the increase in channels customers want to communicate on. Whether it’s on chat, phone, SMS, email, or in-store, an Omnichannel solution will merge all the channels into one central back-and-forth solution so agents can interact with customers however they prefer. 

Omnichannel Support
Offshore Support


Onshore, nearshore, or offshore, all come with pros and cons, and with a Smartshoring solution, call centers can design the best of all the location options based on a company’s needs and goals. 

Store Support

Using call center services in addition to in-store support creates an optimum customer experience. Stores might be in locations across the country or even the globe. Having a central support team to help in-store staff when they need it is like giving store staff a supper power that leads to giving the best support to in-store customers.

Store Support
Technical Support

Tier 2 Tech Support

When things get technical, a trained team of call center agents can help customers work through it. Following instructions on certain products or software might not be sufficient. When customers want to talk to a person for help, who will be there to deliver outstanding service?

Find out which service will have the biggest impact elevating your customer experiences.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Call Centers

There are many benefits to all the services a call center can offer. Here are a few of the most impactful benefits that come with outsourcing.

why outsource a call center

Smartshoring Benefits

Pros of onshore:

  • Familiarity with your audience
  • Closer for in person training

Pros of offshore:

  • Low cost of operations
  • provide 24/7 service

Pros of nearshore:

  • More cultural and linguistic connections to US audiences
  • Similar time zones

What Is Smartshoring

BPO Call Center Benefits

  • More cost effective than hiring in-house
  • Opportunity to provide 24/7 customer support
  • Provides access to the best technology and processes
  • Offers flexibility and scalable teams
  • Multichannel inbound & outbound support


What Is A BPO Call Center?

How To Select The Right BPO Call Center

Inbound & Outbound Sales Support Benefits

Benefits Of Customer Retention From Outsourcing

Statistics show that existing customers are more likely to buy more of your products, refer new customers, and adopt subscriptions – all at a lower cost than new customer acquisition.

Consider these stats:

  1. A 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% to 95%. (Source:HubSpot)
  2. Almost 65% of a company’s business comes from repeat customers. (Source:SmallBizGenius)
  3. 82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition. (Source:SmallBizGenius)
  4. Companies that provide a great experience have a 16% price premium on products and services. (Source: Emplifi

Call Center Partner Benefits

By partnering with a call center firm with proven expertise, a business can benefit largely from their experiences, technology, leading processes, personnel, and resources, and as a consultant to create the best call center program. To achieve all this in-house is often more expensive and takes a lot more time and resources that could otherwise be used in other functions of the business.

Omnichannel Benefits

  • Improved brand consistency and messaging across all customer communication
  • Increased sales and growth 
  • Superior customer service that gives you a competitive advantage
  • Improved customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction 
  • Cost savings for your team as well as improved KPIs and metrics

How FILA increased online sales with Global Response

FILA is an internationally renowned brand known as a pillar of excellence in the athleticwear industry–but in early 2020 they were losing customers due to negative customer service experiences. Their brand and reputation were taking a hit. FILA needed a solution – and they found it with Global Response.

In 2021 alone, online sales went up 25% and customer queries for orders and refunds decreased by 28%, thanks to the Global Response difference.

Fila Case Study

Call Center Channels And Solutions

omnichannel support






By implementing an Omnichannel approach to support programs, companies can increase positive customer experiences that support growth.

Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions

inbound vs outbound call centers
Inbound and Outbound solutions

5 Steps To Call Center Outsourcing

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Step 1: Research

Questions to ask when conducting research:

  • Where should you go to find a Contact Center when researching online?
  • Why do locations matter?
  • What is the difference between Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore?
  • How do you ask if they understand your business?
  • Do they serve like industries or verticals?
  • Is the Company a size fit?
    • Will you be a big fish in a small pond?
    • Will you be a small fish in a big pond?

Hint.  Neither is ideal!

Step 2: Contact/Qualify

 Important questions to ask during the second step:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they service your Industry and have expertise?
  • Are they scalable and can they handle your expected growth?
  • Do they meet your security requirements?
  • Do their locations meet your needs? 

Step 3: The Process

FAQs you can expect from the call center firm to ask:

  1. When are you looking to make a change?  – This is designed to align expectations
  2. What is your training timeline? – This helps to understand the complexity
  3. What is the anticipated volume? – This helps to determine staffing
  4. What channels do you need help with (Calls, chat, email)? – Aligning skillsets
  5. Is there any historical data we can use for reference? – Looking for patterns

Step 4: Business Engagement

During this step, your potential partner will detail the following:

  1. Pricing and proposals
  2. Available services for your needs
    1. Customer support
    2. Sales
    3. Omnichannel support
    4. Tech support
  3. Support channels available
    1. SMS
    2. Voice
    3. Email
    4. Chat
    5. Social
  4. Systems and integration
  5. Sample contract and work order

Step 5: Implementation

Some of the key elements in this step include:

  • Finalized contract
  • A systems due diligence meeting
  • A comprehensive implementation plan
  • Training development
  • Successful production launch

Common Questions When outsourcing Your Call Center

  • How many full-time agents do you need? 
  • Where do you want them located?
  • What’s your all-in monthly budget?
  • What primary role will the agents fulfill?
  • What type of work will the agents be handling?
  • What languages do you need to support?
  • What industry are you in?
  • What is your projected start date?

Call Center Definitions And KPIs

impactful KPIs

Impactful KPIs that can be improved by outsourcing include:


Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals for a call center, and an important metric to track. 

First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution (sometimes called first call resolution) is a KPI that measures how frequently a customer’s question or concern is resolved the very first time they contact you.

Speed of answer

Did you know that 56% of customers won’t wait on hold for more than two minutes? Ensuring you are accessible and available whenever customers need help is an essential part of good customer service.

Average handle time

Average handle time measures the amount of time from when the agent picks up a customer’s call to the end of the call—how long it took to handle the concern or issue that was called about. 

Net promoter score

Average abandonment rate measures the number of customers who hung up or disconnected the call before their call was answered by a call center associate. 

Average abandonment rate

NPS (or net promoter score) is another popular call center KPI. This measures customer satisfaction alongside how likely your customers are to promote your business either online or via word-of-mouth to others.

Agent turnover rate

Agent turnover rate measures the rate at which your call center agents leave for other forms of employment. 

This metric, while not directly tied to customer experience, is a critical one to track for your call center. 

Average transfer rate

Average transfer rate measures the percentage of calls an agent had to transfer to someone else for a resolution. 

Quality assurance or phone etiquette

An important advanced call center KPIs involves the quality of an agent’s assistance and etiquette during a call.


Average after-call work time


The average after-call work time, also sometimes called average idle time, measures the amount of time after a call has ended that an agent spends doing follow-up tasks related to the call.


How To Use KPIs To Improve Call Center Performance

Now that you’re tracking KPIs and gathering useful data from your call center, what should you do with it? 

Of course, call center KPIs and contact center metrics are only helpful once they are used to implement meaningful change. When you choose your KPIs to track, make sure you understand what data to gather, and that the data can be shared with stakeholders and analyzed properly to implement change.

By creating a baseline of your overall call center performance based on KPIs, you’ll understand which functions to optimize and deploy solutions for.  

Want To Learn The Language Of A Call Center?

Check Out The Call Center Glossary And Definitions

How To Turn Costly Call Centers Into Profitable Solutions To Fuel Growth

how to improve call centers

The right call center outsourced firm will create a call center program for a businesses specific goals and needs. By selecting the right services and solutions, utilizing impactful KPIs, data, and analytics, using access to technology tools and passionate people, a call center can be profitable.

Easier said then done, right?

That’s what we’re here for.


Are you looking for an outsourced call center that can improve performance, decrease costs, and increase sales?

outsourced customer support and service
why outsource your call center

Why Should I Outsource my Call Center?

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You’ve worked hard to create a reputable brand with a loyal base of customers. You need a partner that will work just as hard. Global Response knows how to immerse ourselves in the culture of the brands we represent. From staffing and training, all the way to fielding the most complex inquiries, Global Response is committed to providing omnichannel experiences that build customer loyalty in every interaction.

The Outsourcing Process

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Our collaborative, four-pronged approach to implementing your call center solution, maps out every aspect of integration. Global Response will walk you step-by-step to a successful and on-time launch. Our process is standardized but our solutions are all custom to provide you with the systems and workflow that are best suited to your business needs. 

  • Strategy & Development:  Our experts and stakeholders meet to understand the objectives of your business and create a roadmap to success.
  • Processes & Procedures:  Each client receives a customized training program that fits their needs and budget.
  • Omni-channel Technology:  We are prepared to help you leverage our tools or support your existing systems for a seamless customer experience.
  • Talent & Training:  Your talent profiles and operations procedures are combined with our specialized hiring and training practices.
  • Reporting & Analysis:  Quality assurance, KPIs, and customer feedback drive actionable insights for your team’s improvement.
call center outsourcing process
call center management by people

The People

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Your brand will be in the best care. Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) will lead your integration, while a dedicated high quality management team trains Brand Specialists to be immersed in your culture.

  • The Right Fit: A Project Manager will be hand-selected to ensure optimal operations for your Brand.
  • Brand Specialists: Your team will be invested in representing your Brand and delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • Collaborative Training:  Implementation and Training will meet with you to learn the ins-and-outs of your business and create custom materials just for your on-boarding.
  • Executive Access:  Our executive leadership is engaged with your business and aligned to your interests. We are completely invested in your success and are always just a phone call away.
  • Vibrant Culture: We foster creativity, innovation and team spirit within Global Response’s upbeat culture.

45+ years of customer engagement expertise

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Our success stories span nearly every industry with solutions custom-tailored to each unique brand. Learn more about a few of our focus areas.

Ready to build your customer experience dream team?

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Call center outsourcing solutions Team
customer support outsourcing

How we make each brand shine

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We’re more than just a “call center.”

At Global Response, we embrace the power of your brand and adopt a one-team mentality that puts you in the driver’s seat. We match highly skilled brand specialists with the brands they love, resulting in one-of-a-kind engagements every time. Customer experience management isn’t about reading a script and ticking a box – it’s about building unforgettable experiences that boost customer loyalty and brand reputation over the long term.

How we reduce costs and drive sales

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Put our customer experience solutions to work for you.

A full-service contact center can deliver outstanding return on investment – and accomplish so much more than a basic plug-and-play service. To increase sales and conversions, we use the best human-centric, data-driven methods to improve customer experience, reduce customer effort, and deliver high customer satisfaction. We provide actionable insights on our partners’ communication strategies, hone the process, and build intensely targeted engagement that converts.

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