Celebrate – and boost employee retention

What does an employee celebration have to do with business? Everything.

Recognizing Brand Specialists can boost engagement, leading to better performance and lower attrition rates. And it can also make a difference to customer satisfaction.

“Happy employee – happy customer.  It goes hand in hand,” says a Global Response vice president.

Boosting employee retention

Celebrations – whether for birthdays, anniversaries or milestones on important projects – tell Brand Specialists that they matter, that they are appreciated. They are among the tools that can help  companies retain good employees, build a welcoming culture and create happy customers.

“Celebrating birthdays is another way to recognize Brand Specialists and that recognition creates great morale,” the vice president says. “You can hear that through their voice when they talk to the customer.”

Recognition can be as simple as decorating a Brand Specialist’s desk with a colorful bouquet of birthday or anniversary balloons. Celebrations create a welcoming, vibrant culture that employees often find a comfortable and enjoyable fit.

That personal touch

Commemorations in the office can be for individual employees and teams – such as a team anniversary. They can be an everyday event or for a longer term. For instance, at Global Response special recognition is given for 10th and 20th anniversaries.

Essentially, “it’s that personal touch,” the vice president says.  “It doesn’t have to be all about business.”

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