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Client Onboarding Process with Global Response

When partnering with a company, it is essential to focus on the onboarding process. If a contact center is to take over a majority, if not all, of the customer service care for a company, every facet of that interaction must be considered in order to be successful. The client onboarding process with Global Response has been designed to help everyone involved gain a clear understanding of the goals and expectations for each and every client that we represent.

The purpose of the onboarding process is to gather the necessary information from the client, help to familiarize them with the processes and practices used at Global Response and decide on a plan of action for developing or continuing your customer service experience. When it comes to onboarding new clients, Global Response takes careful care and consideration to include the most important aspects of the partnership to ensure success.

First, we conduct a series of thorough in-person or virtual onboarding meetings. The goal of these meetings is to learn all that we can about your company, and the goals that you have for your customer service experience. It is important to fully understand your vision and what specific goals you wish to accomplish when it comes to customer service. This helps to avoid any confusion moving forward and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

After the initial set of meetings, the technical aspect of the partnership is addressed.  The systems and platforms used at Global Response are designed to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure, making it easy and convenient to connect. We offer integrations with the most widely used CRM and management software, so once the connection is made, the process is maintenance-free from the client’s perspective. Data monitoring is also set up and made available to clients through a secure portal, making it possible to view data in real-time.

Lastly, the Brand Specialists for each client are carefully selected and properly trained. Making the right selection when it comes to the people that will represent a brand or company is a decision that is not taken lightly. When assigning a brand specialist to a client, many things are considered to ensure the assignment will be as successful as possible. The Brand Specialist essentially acts as an extension of the company they are paired with, and the vetting process at Global Response helps to ensure the right match is made.

The process with Global Response is much different from other call centers you may find. We aim to make the process feel like the partnership that it is. Our emphasis is on the relationship with our clients and their customers. The goal for Global Response is for each interaction to be more experiential instead of transactional, and our extensive client onboarding process ensures that.

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