Luxury brand Wolford relies on superior customer service from Global Response

As a luxury brand, Austria-based Wolford felt it was vital that its customers receive at all touchpoints the level of service luxury buyers expect. The recommendation from Hermes Fulfillment, their e-commerce provider, was that they partner with Global Response as their call center, primarily because Global was already delivering that high level of service for another retailer from the same group of companies as Hermes. After their visit to the Fort Lauderdale headquarters of Global Response, Wolford was convinced they had found the flexibility, local expertise, and quality of service they were looking for in a U.S. call center.

Recommending Global Response Based on Personal Experience

Wolford sells luxury products worldwide, including stockings, ready-to-wear items, underwear, tights, bodysuits and swimwear. Its products are characterized by timeless elegance and maximum comfort. Wolford has 14 international subsidiaries and distributes its branded goods in some 65 countries to single-brand

Brand Care specialists provide Wolford customers with high quality service

boutiques and trading partners. Handling e-commerce for Wolford is Hermes Fulfillment, an Otto Group company based in Germany, which recommended Global Response based on their knowledge of the superior service Global Response was already providing to Crate&Barrel, a fellow Otto Group company.

“It was an easy decision for Wolford, because Global Response already works for another company in our group, and we know they provide very high quality customer service,” says Hermes Fulfillment’s Max Bense, Key Account Manager for Wolford. “Wolford also liked the feel of a family-owned company like Global Response and their commitment to quickly learning the Wolford products and brand culture.” After his visit to the Fort Lauderdale call center, Frederik Thomas, the online business manager for Wolford, said he got the impression that Wolford was Global Response’s most important client.

A Seamless, Structured Go-Live Process

Bense says the process of setting up Wolford as a client showed the depth of Global Response’s experience. “It was a very structured process that made it clear exactly who was responsible for which parts of the systems integration,” he says. “The benefit for us, in coordinating this project from Germany, was that the project team at Global
Response had all the necessary know-how and all the relationships with telecom providers in the U.S. to make it come off without a hitch.”

Wolford trained Global Response Brand Care Specialists on the Wolford product line and on company policies and procedures by conducting online classes and taking Global Response specialists to the Wolford boutique in Miami to see products first-hand.

Once Global Response started taking calls for Wolford, another benefit of the relationship came into play. “Global Response is very flexible about staffing our account with both dedicated and shared agents, which is a cost-efficient way to match the peaks and valleys in call volume,” says Bense. “That allows us to ramp up for our sales and for the holiday season or ramp down for slower periods.”

Benefits of Knowing the Local Market

Other European-based clients of Global Response remark that the company’s local expertise and knowledge of U.S. customers enables Global to offer valuable advice on optimizing their website for e-commerce and handling customer service issues. Bense says the same is true for Wolford: “Global Response gives us ideas about the market, and about the look and feel of our e-commerce site. They make suggestions and offer insight on how we can improve our business. All that input increases the quality of the experience we offer our customers.”

That experience, says Bense, is an essential part of positioning the Wolford brand. “It’s vital to offer superior service to customers like ours, who may be placing a single order for a couple of thousand dollars of merchandise,” he says. “You want those customers to return and order again. Part of the overall luxury experience is offering outstanding customer service, and Global Response does that consistently. That’s just one reason Wolford is more than satisfied with Global Response’s service.”