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How an EV partner exceeded service and quality KPIs over 95%

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We partnered with a national automotive technology client and trained a scalable team that integrated seamlessly into the brand culture. We created best practices that led to this team’s exceeding service and quality KPI goals.   


Partner with a customer experience management team that can represent the brand consistently, flexibly scale to company needs, and deliver on KPIs.

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Electric Car Industry Challenges


The pandemic brought massive disruption to the electric vehicle space and a need to adjust the customer experience for safety and scale. With such unprecedented change, keeping consistent service KPIs seemed next to impossible.


With Global Response, our partner exceeded service and quality expectations and delivered consistently strong results.

Electric Car Industry Solutions

Seamless team integration helps surpass KPIs

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In 2019, a national automotive technology company partnered with Global Response. They needed a highly qualified customer experience management team to embody their brand culture and provide impeccable service to their customer base.

Our team was tasked with taking inbound calls from customers regarding charging stations and billing, but we were determined to surpass the client’s expectations. We proactively brainstormed and executed multiple strategies that helped us exceed service and quality KPIs at a consistent 95% for 2021. 

Our team’s efforts also helped us pivot and successfully scale during crucial times, such as a dramatic change in staffing requirements and duties due to COVID.

Our strategies

With a focus on proactive customer experience management, we implemented strategies including:

  • Processes for Transparency: We created a culture of complete transparency between our team and the client. We implemented a real-time dashboard so the client could see what calls were coming in, average time, and assist as needed. We also hold routine meetings with the client to keep them informed of trends in customer needs and the results of implementing best practices.
  • Best Practice Templates: We created templates for different customer scenarios so that our messaging was consistent and solved issues more quickly, increasing service satisfaction and decreasing hold times.
  • Technical and Admin Support: We assumed more complex administrative support tasks such as technical troubleshooting for customers.
  • Pandemic Preparedness: As a response to the pandemic, we ramped our team down from 26 agents to 10 agents and two supervisors, who successfully handled the volume of cases. In January 2021, more agents were added, and now the team is at 32 agents, three supervisors, and one administrative specialist. 
  • Integrated Teams: We implemented a shared model with the client to ensure no lag in customer service through the pandemic. Our team helped the client’s back office take calls and solve technical issues like cards not working and finding charging stations for customers.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: We implemented a real-time dashboard so that the client’s back office could see what calls were coming in for our team and provide input as needed.
  • On-Demand Capacity: Our client also has access to 10% on-demand capacity in the case of a larger influx of inbound calls. This displays our unique ability in creatively solving problems on the spot and our ability to scale our team up or down so that the customer experience is exceptional and there are little to no hold times.

Our results

We consistently surpassed 2021 service and quality KPIs, keeping a standard of meeting 95%.

Global Response is unique because our customer service management teams take on a brand as their own by adopting a “one team” mindset. While many omnichannel customer support companies operate as third-party call centers, we hire teams of highly skilled and ambitious critical thinkers. 

We operate with complete transparency when we innovate new strategies to enhance the customer experience, which ultimately leads to a collaborative working environment and exceptional KPI wins, as in this client’s case with 95% service and quality KPIs for 2021. 

Our client needed a customer experience management team who could rapidly pivot and scale the team up or down due to unexpected changes in the market, such as during the pandemic. Our team devised intentional strategies centered around providing exceptional customer care, shorter wait times, and better communication with the client. All this significantly increased service and quality KPIs and empowered us to exceed the goals set by our client.

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