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How a FinTech partner tripled their conversion rates

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FinTech Partner Tripled Conversion Rates

With conversion rates under 15%, a premier FinTech company was looking for a new customer experience partner. They found what they needed in Global Response – a solution obsessed with getting brand messaging right and delighting customers along the way. Our work resulted in tripled conversion rates, improved brand reputation, and better ROI.


Our partner had built a premium, innovative brand – and wanted their customer experience management to reflect their standard of excellence. A successful solution would draw in more customers and boost overall sales.

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Satisfactory Conversion Rates


The third-party contact center before Global Response was not delivering satisfactory conversion rates. Customers who contacted them were often frustrated or confused about how to get an answer to their issues. 


After transitioning to Global Response, this FinTech company saw its customer experience management transform. We made their brand shine in each interaction and drove conversion rates up to three times higher.

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How we boosted customer satisfaction

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In 2018, one of the U.S.’s leading financial institutions partnered with Global Response to represent their brand as their customer experience management team. 

The client had conversion rates under 15% and wanted to find a premium contact center team focused on results and driven by performance. They sought a humancentric partner powered by technology who was determined to deliver a superior experience.

They wanted a partner who understood their industry, was customer-obsessed, and was  intentional with recommendations to improve marketing strategies and sales objectives.

In short: This client wanted more than just another “call center.”

Our attention to exceptional customer service, a robust omnichannel platform, and ability to adapt to our client’s needs made us the natural choice.

Our strategies

  • Efficient Call Flow: We created a step-by-step call flow that seamlessly informs the caller of product value while reducing customer effort in the sales process. We continue to hone this process through customer feedback, contact observations, and client calibration to deliver superior results.
  • Improve Targeted Messaging: We designed several key messaging concepts for the client’s email campaign to increase the accuracy of the targeted leads. We also audited and adjusted messaging on eligibility requirements, which led to reduced calls from ineligible consumers. This reduction in “noise” allowed the team to focus more closely on the conversion of eligible customers. 
  • Improve Contact Workflows: We reduced customer effort by suggesting reformatting critical information that mirrored the preferred contact workflows.
  • Streamline Communication: We improved the customer journey by clarifying the language in communication to customers, making it more straightforward how to select between the sales and claims departments, which cut back on the number of incorrectly routed contacts to the customer experience team. This further optimized contacts from eligible callers.

Our results

Before partnering with us, our client had conversion rates of under 15%. We tripled the Eligible Conversion rates with our suggestions for process improvement and a deepening relationship with the client marketing team.

In the words of our clients: “We are extremely impressed with your [Global Response’s] ability to continually achieve high conversion rates far exceeding the original expectations. We all agree these high conversions accomplished using a ‘no pressure’ approach are a unicorn in this very aggressive and crowded industry.”

The critical factors in this success include our dedication to excellent team performance, transparency with our clients and their customers, and consistently applying a critical lens to the client’s sales strategies.


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Customer engagement should be boosting your conversion rates and your bottom line.

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