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How a retail partner improved KPIs with better data

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We implemented a CRM system for a national clothing brand client that helps us track store performance data and target opportunity areas while improving customer service KPIs.


Improve customer experience KPIs year over year with an omnichannel platform that meets customers where they are. Deliver outstanding results with a data-driven continuous improvement process.

Improve Customer Experience
Integrate In Store Experiences


This retail partner is a well-known national brand with hundreds of stores and a modernized online shopping experience. They needed a customer experience solution to integrate every in-store experience with online, social, and more.


We implemented an end-to-end omnichannel customer experience platform that uses deep analytics and best practices to deliver improved results every year.

Improved Customer Experience

The best in omnichannel customer experience management

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Our customer experience management team has provided exceptional customer service and informed store best practices with this premium clothing brand for several years. 

We use a robust CRM application that allows us to pull and analyze data for our clients down to the individual store level to improve the in-store customer experience. The information we collect also helps us spot training opportunities for our team and store trends so that we are continuously enhancing our customer service. 

While our client is a massive company, we can still hone in on opportunities for improvement at the micro-level. Because of this, we use data to proactively strategize with the client and reduce the number of negative in-store interactions for their customers. 

Our customer experience management team is dedicated to continuous improvement and being strategic in approaching challenges for our clients to enhance the customer journey on every front.

Our strategies

We implemented the following strategies to help our partner:

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience Management: Our holistic solutions include a CRM system, phone, email, Facebook messaging, Twitter messaging, and pulling information from Google reviews.
  • Continuous Improvement Processes: We use a CRM platform to pinpoint patterns in customer feedback and performance statistics to guide our team training. For example, we analyze how long our specialists spend on the phone and the nature of the inquiries to improve efficiency in helping our client’s customers. 
  • Robust CRM Tracking: We use CRM software to help the client track and manage store experiences both nationally and by individual location. Stores use this data-informed feedback to guide team huddles and ensure solutions to trending customer concerns. This process has allowed the client to troubleshoot effectively and steadily increase their performance KPIs.
  • Pandemic Response: Our client wanted to know which stores had the most mask policy complaints and unsafe interactions during the pandemic. This tracking system helped the client decrease customer dissatisfaction, uphold CDC guidelines, and promote the importance of a safe environment for all.
  • Improved Messaging: We minimized the number of customer complaints that came into the call center because of denied returns by providing feedback to the client on their online and in-store display of the return policy.

Our results

With these strategies, we increased KPIs and delivered a better customer experience.

Instead of just being reactive, we work with this client to establish data-informed procedures that not only rectify issues but enhance the customer experience and brand integrity over time. 

As a result of our commitment to excellence, the quality of customer service improved in the client’s omnichannel support, and they are experiencing consistent upward trends in KPIs. 

This partnership is just one example of how Global Response can represent a national brand through an omnichannel customer service experience while also utilizing data to improve in-store processes for the client. 

We can proactively track customer satisfaction trends for a national client down to individual store locations. We have added value and improved our client’s brand experience for years to come.

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