Tip 3: Communication is Key to Build the Right Business Culture

Building the right business culture, the topic of this week’s blog, is based a great deal on building associate engagement. Tip 3,  Communication is Key to Retaining Talent, is essential in that exercise.  Our third tip follows; Tuesday’s blog talked about Tip 2.

Tip 3: Communication is Key to Retaining Talent.

  • Measure performance and coach for the higher performance Brand Specialists want to deliver. Coaching reinforces what they want to deliver. They want to make a difference.
  • Create an atmosphere with an open-door policy that invites Brand Specialists to seek advice on performance improvement and other concerns they may have.
  • Give specialists the information they need daily to bring the strongest performance possible to customer interactions – whether the information is to communicate promotions or whether it’s performance coaching.


See Thursday for Tip 4.

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