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An enterprise should prepare for the process of submitting an RFP. Here are the basics:


1. Engage internal stakeholders for strategy.

2. Define the business need. Be prepared to share data.

3. Emphasize what is most important in the response.


Here are some topics to consider:


Experience with Key Services

Does your outsourced call center have experience with the services most important to your business? Customer service? Sales? Technical support? Can they execute across channels?

Technology Fit

Your organization has invested in systems. Does the partner have integration experience with these systems or similar configurations? Are they able to offer recommendations for solutions not currently deployed?

Quality of Service

Does your outsourced call center have evidence of service excellence? You can ask about the 3 pillars of quality. 1. Internal Quality Assurance. 2. Voice of the customer using CSAT, NPS or other measures. 3. External validation from 3rd party services.


You will want to understand the attention your account will receive. Who are the key executives? How are they engaged on your program? Is there a formal Quarterly Business Review (QBR) process in place?

Continuous Improvement

Does your outsourced call center have a path to make improvements? How will they use data and analytics to inform you of opportunities? How are these opportunities tracked and quantified?


You will want your outsourced call center to share evidence of success. This may be delivered in a number of formats, but it is essential to contact references. When you have narrowed the list of qualified partners to less than 5, this is the time to reach out to references.

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