Tip 5: Honor the Customer Wishes For Customer Retention

The last tip in our Best Practices series about Customer Retention in the Contact Center, Tip 5 discusses how to honor the customer’s wishes. Thursday’s blog looked at Tip 4, offering appeasements.

Honor the Customer Wishes to improve customer retention

Sometimes, it is not possible to save the customer.

But there is value to respecting the customer’s decision, using the right tone and leaving the customer with a feeling of goodwill.

Some considerations are the following:

  • Once you assess the customer’s concern and have made a reasonable attempt to address the situation, be sure to graciously allow the customer to cancel.
  • Recognize that although this may not be the desired outcome of your business strategy, it is yet another branding opportunity. You want to make sure the customer has been treated with kindness, empathy and respect. Your Brand Specialist must leave the impression that their relationship is valued and your brand would welcome them back at any time.

Find the right customer retention services for your specific service

Customer acquisition is expensive.

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than retaining current customers, according to Forrester Research.

They like your product and service for a reason and understanding customer motivation is essential to preserving revenue. There are techniques to retain as many customers as you can. And using those techniques is well worth it.

See tomorrow’s blog for the full 5 Tips on Customer Retention in the Contact Center.

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