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Does Your Customer Service Experience Game Plan Include Social Media?

Developing a modern, brand-centric customer service game plan is a complex process. Each step and customer contact point needs to be considered. Most companies plan for interactions via phone, email and chat, but if these channels are their only focus, they are forgetting a very important channel for customer communication: social media. Does your customer service experience game plan include social media? If not, it should.Over the last several years, customer service via social media has become increasingly popular. This is a vital communication channel that requires excellent timing and attention to detail. Companies that aim to provide a well-rounded and convenient customer service experience for customers need to have a thoughtful plan of action to ensure success in leveraging social media channels.

To create a successful customer service strategy through social media, you should consider which platforms your customers are using. A systemized process will need to be put into place, and the best practices for interactions should be outlined so that your company is professional, yet friendly and approachable. A recent study by J.D. Power found that 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media site to seek out customer support.

According to Google Trends, social media support has grown by 70% in the last five years. Additionally, nearly every person that owns a smartphone has at least one social media app installed. When your company offers its customers the option for customer service through social media, you are making it easy and convenient for them, which is a huge advantage over the competitors. In addition to convenience, there are several significant benefits in offering customers the option of customer service via social media. These benefits include:

  • Real-time Response: Urgency is a major customer expectation. The sooner customers receive a response or resolution, the more positively they will view their experience with your company.
  • Increased Brand Engagement & Awareness: Many companies use social media simply for publishing content, which makes it a one-way channel of communication. However, by engaging with customers online, your company is able to increase awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Similar to chat support, when it comes to providing social media customer service, Brand Specialists are able to handle requests from multiple customers at once. 

When incorporating social media in your call center services, make sure that you have a dedicated customer service team ready to handle your social media customer service channel. It is essential to have Brand Specialists that can directly respond to inquiries. Customers will expect quick, if not immediate, response times and companies must be prepared so that their customers do not have a negative experience.

The primary goal of including social media into your customer service game plan is to create a positive and memorable experience for customers, which helps to not only grow your business, but to increase your customer service ROI. By creating a positive customer service experience through social media, your company can increase transform social media from a one-way channel to a true form of engagement.

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