Customer Service Roundup: Engaged Associates Engage Customers

Apply these top techniques to get better engaged customers

Engaged associates and engaged customers are at the heart of several articles recently that explore the relationship between the two groups in the contact center.

Here are summaries of three that focus on how to engage associates for better customer satisfaction.

5 Ways to Engage Your Frontline Staff. CRM magazine

Companies that have superior customer experience also have 60 percent more engaged associates, CRM magazine says quoting the Temkin Group.

How do you create engaged associates?

The article, 5 Ways to Engage Your Frontline Staff, gives these tips:

  • Build rapport between newly hired associates, colleagues, managers and the company.
  • Give associates feedback often.
  • Promote from within.
  • Train new supervisors rather than letting them learn management skills on their own.
  • Teach associates how to cope with conflict.

Customer Experience: What’s Humanity Got to Do with it?! ICMI

Another tip for creating engaged associates: Contact center leaders should model the behavior associates need to better connect with customers, according to this ICMI article.

“Employee Experience is a huge driver for higher CX, and that means frontline leaders and trainers have to use similar skills with team members that we teach team members to use with customers,” says the article on ICMI’s website.

The story, Customer Experience: What’s Humanity Got to Do with it?!, explains the importance of soft skills in creating a connection with the customer.

Contact centers “need to teach, expect and measure” how associates use interpersonal communications and soft skills, such as warmth, personalization, informality, interest and caring, it says.

One successful “CSAT turnaround project” taught customer service representatives how to connect by being “real” instead of sounding official; how to tap their personality; how to demonstrate caring; and how to have more fun.

The ICMI article offers tips on ways leaders can model “high-CX: behaviors” they want team members to use.

4 Strategies Every Company Needs to Implement

For Both Employees and Customer Experience. Forbes.

When organizations invest in their employee’s experience, their customer experience benefits, according to a recent Forbes article, 4 Strategies Every Company Needs To Implement For Both Employee and Customer Experience.

The recent book, The Employee Experience Advantage, looked at 252 organizations worldwide and found companies that are good at investing in employee experience have 4.2 times the average profit and 2.1 times the average revenue compared to those that aren’t good at investing in employee experience.

The 4 strategies for both employee and customer are:

  • Know your customer.
  • Create moments that matter.
  • Use consumer-grade technologies.
  • Focus on the metrics that matter.

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