Five Ways Using Global Response as Your Healthcare Contact Center Can Help You Manage Policyholder Service Under the Affordable Care Act

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) becomes the law of the land it is becoming clear that health insurance companies will require a renewed focus on policyholder service. Working with a partner like Global Response can help reduce costs and improve quality of service. Here are five ways your company can benefit.

  • Sector Experience. Healthcare reform includes new regulations, procedures, policies and reports. An already complex service is about to become even more daunting. Compliance with these elements requires a contact center partner with real-world experience in the health insurance industry. One that understands the importance of First Call Resolution and its impact on costs and satisfaction.  Global Response has a strong record of delivering high quality, policyholder service to our healthcare partners.
  • Personnel. People are at the core of effective policyholder service. Beginning with recruitment and selection of contact center agents, criteria will be even more rigorous than in the past. Training programs will have to adapt to address additional coverage territories, customer types and regulatory requirements. Workforce management will be a major focus to deliver operational effectiveness.  Retention of highly qualified agents is essential. Quality control standards will face additional scrutiny.  All these components are part of the operating philosophy and the daily routine at Global Response.
  • Technology. Business intelligence is the key differentiator. Platform requirements will focus on skills based routing, voice analytics and reporting.  Focus is also being placed on business continuity planning, stability and scalability. Global Response has comprehensive infrastructure in place to deliver a robust technology solution.
  • Vested Outsourced Partnership.  Partnership is a daily exchange of views, ideas, problem-solving and collaboration to accomplish mutual goals. An uncertain and dynamic environment requires understanding, adaptability and a commitment to succeed. Working with a partner that is vested in the industry and has the flexibility to adapt quickly is critical to delivering exceptional policyholder service.
  • Best Practices.  Beyond the Health Insurance industry, Global Response manages customer care for many of the top retailing companies in the world. We understand how important the human touch is – how to blend passion, empathy, and effectiveness to create a truly satisfying experience.  Our management team regularly shares best practices across industries in a process of continuous improvement.

The Takeaway: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act will demand more of healthcare contact centers than ever before. Millions of policyholders will be seeking expert advice to understand and navigate the new rules.  Providing high quality policyholder service will create differentiation during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  We look forward to helping our healthcare clients to reduce costs and provide high quality customer service.

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