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Five9’s Courtesy Callback Service Streamlines Customer Experience

At Global Response, it is our top priority to deliver the highest level of service possible to our clients and their customers. One thing that helps us achieve this is the software system that we use on a daily basis. Our focus at Global Response is on the customer, and doing what we can to provide a positive, memorable experience with each interaction. This is why we turn to Five9 to help manage our daily operations.

Five9 is known as an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. It is built on a highly reliable, secure, and scalable cloud platform. The way this software operates has been extremely beneficial for us, as many of our Brand Specialists work from different locations, and we knew right away that a cloud based system was the best way to avoid any down time for our clients, and eliminate the need to be tied to a specific location in order to do their job.

The Five9 software system is a platform that was created to simplify the process of engaging with customers through various channels. Because of the features, it helps to create an intuitive, and more personalized experience, which is something that customers are always looking for. With the way the system operates, it is extremely simple to incorporate new service and technologies into current offerings. Also, since the system is cloud-based, our team has access to real-time upgrades, ensuring the most up-to-date information.

One of the most beneficial services that Five9 provides is what is known as the Courtesy Callback Service. This service allows us to receive return phone call requests from website visitors. Using the Five9 Cloud APIs, any of our clients websites can be integrated with the Virtual Call Center Suite so that any sales leads and callback requests that come from the website can immediately be added to a calling list. An automatic callback can either be dialed immediately, or scheduled or dialed according to other predetermined parameters. 

The Courtesy Callback Service has greatly helped to both reduce callback times, and improve lead quality. Courtesy Callback requests are added in real-time, dramatically cutting down the amount of time customers have to wait for a response. Also, potential leads are delivered more efficiently, helping to both improve productivity and increase revenue. Once the customer is connected with a sales agent, a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) screen provides them with valuable information about the potential customer. 

At Global Response, we understand that the overall customer experience is crucial to any company, now more than ever before. The Five9 software system helps to create a streamlined customer experience, regardless of the communication channel or type of inquiry. There are so many options available that we are able to quickly and easily customize a process tailored to each client’s specific needs. Five9 has played a major role in helping our Brand Specialists create both positive and memorable customer experiences.


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