Global Response’s integral role in Wolford’s US expansion

Stories have been popping up in the press lately about the upscale Austrian brand Wolford’s US retailing strategy. Global Response is a central player in this strategy. Hermes Fulfillment and Kenco Logistics are handling the fulfillment and logistics side of equation, entrusting Global Response to maintain Wolford’s customer service presence, and thus upholding their brand’s image in the United States.

Any company looking to expand into markets outside of their home country faces a number of issues relating to fulfillment, logistics, marketing, etc. Customer Service, especially considering linguistic and cultural differences, provides an ever-looming obstacle. Finding the right partner to overcome this obstacle is essential.

Check out the original article on Logistik Express here to find out more about Wolford’s US venture, what Global Response does to aid in that venture, and what we can do for you.

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