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We offer dynamic “on call” and physician answering services for medical offices, as well as providing contact center services for pharmaceutical companies


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Healthcare institutions can focus on their core mission of treatment, while Global Response provides customer care and membership services.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient engagement and patient satisfaction, which impact the financial health of healthcare providers, are central to Global Response’s expertise. We pride ourselves on showing compassion, sensitivity and confidentiality in every interaction.

Advantages to Outsourcing

A primary advantage when outsourcing call center services is that providers are freed to attend to patient health. You can focus on your core mission of treating patients, while Global Response employs its outsourced contact center expertise to provide other member and provider services.

Healthcare Call Center Experts

Brand Specialists are hired and trained to build relationships with members and deliver a memorable experience. They are immersed in the healthcare services you specifically provide and provided knowledge to an extent that the patient cannot distinguish them from the provider’s in-house staff.

Multichannel Experience

Healthcare providers can sidestep the purchase of expensive technology by outsourcing with Global Response, which already has the cutting-edge tech to effectively conduct interactions across all channels – phone, SMS text, chat, email and social media support.

Healthcare Compliance

We recognize that updates in regulations require us to be adaptable, flexible and prepared for rapid change as directed by our client. Global Response maintains compliance with the following regulations across all channels throughout the organization:

Integrated Scheduling

Our concierge services include appointment scheduling for physician visits, MRI, X-ray or other procedures; physician referral; nurse triage; patient and membership services; claims and benefits information; enrollment; coordination of benefits; and handling general front office inquiries.

Our Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing is an integrated extension of your own staff.

Let us demonstrate the benefits of partnering with Global Response.

Global Response supports a wide range of healthcare initiatives using a proven dedicated contact center services model customized for each client.

Our Brand Specialists build memorable customer experiences through our omnichannel contact center services. The healthcare industry manages sensitive financial, emotional and privacy issues between healthcare providers and patients. As the sector evolves, there is a greater demand for higher standards and better quality of healthcare call center services.

Healthcare providers can sidestep the purchase of expensive technology by outsourcing with Global Response

Global Response is HIPAA and PCI compliant, has secure premises and provides built-in redundancies that enable us to serve your members regardless of events that may disrupt your office’s operations.

Global Response has extensive experience in the rapidly changing healthcare industry, with proven high success rates and high standards.

We Are Your Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Partner.

Global Response helps build relationships. We absorb and convey your culture while providing valuable expertise in operations.