Work from Home Solutions From Global Response

Location is no longer a restriction when it comes to caring for our clients and their customers.

Since 2015, Global Response has supported the domestic Work From Home model. We have successfully deployed this configuration, to deliver customer care services from multiple locations in the United States.

The Introduction of Work from Home

In 2015, Global Response introduced an ongoing Work from Home / On-premise, hybrid solution for a globally recognized, Ecommerce client.,

The configuration was based on prioritizing the customer experience by leveraging the inherent brand knowledge of well tenured representatives. Having a technical configuration that supported our new representatives where they applied their experience to the brand and the customer experience was a win-win-win. There was no change to the customer experience. The transition was significantly de-risked and Global Response was able to replicate best practices from the existing group to effectively ramp new associates into the program.

Having an opportunity to deploy a Work from Home solution that aligned with the Technology Team’s concepts created the perfect use case. With defined processes and controls, this roadmap could then be implemented at any point in the future with any client.

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