Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Call Center Outsourcing

Global Response supports a wide range of healthcare initiatives using a proven dedicated contact center services model customized for each client. Our Brand Specialists build memorable customer experiences through our omnichannel contact center services.

The healthcare industry manages sensitive financial, emotional and privacy issues between healthcare providers and patients. As the sector evolves, there is a greater demand for higher standards and better quality of healthcare call center services.

Healthcare institutions can focus on their core mission of treatment, while Global Response provides customer care and membership services.

Healthcare Call Center Services

Global Response offers these healthcare call center services for organizations throughout the healthcare system, such as hospitals, physician groups, healthcare insurers and pharmaceutical companies:
  • Training supplements industry and client specific procedures with a custom soft skills program.
  • Our operations and human resources teams collaborate with you to design talent profiles.
  • Our Brand Specialists apply training, experience, passion and customer insight to build relationships with your members and create memorable experiences.
  • Our concierge services include appointment scheduling for physician visits, MRI, X-ray or other procedures; physician referral; nurse triage; patient and membership services; claims and benefits information; enrollment; coordination of benefits; and handling general front office inquiries.
  • Channels include phone, SMS text, email, chat and social media support.
Scheduling can be complicated for some practices, such as those with multiple specialties like orthopedics, surgery or rheumatology. Global Response can reduce the member or patient’s effort by staffing for such complexity. We also offer dynamic “on call” and physician answering services for medical offices, as well as providing contact center services for pharmaceutical companies.

What sets Global Response apart in the Healthcare Industry?

Global Response has extensive experience in the rapidly changing healthcare industry, with proven high success rates and high standards. The company is built on a culture of flexibility, making Global Response ready, willing and able to plan initiatives and design solutions as the need emerges. Seasonal volume fluctuations exemplify that flexibility – Global Response seamlessly ramps up and down for seasonality, such as during open enrollment. That same culture features a call center environment that emphasizes constructive strategies that engage Brand Specialists and in turn, members.  The cultural structure is welcoming to all – Brand Specialists, managers and clients alike. It is common to see Global Response owners and leadership throughout the call center, creating a collaborative, innovative workplace. The culture values and fosters the human qualities that are essential to successfully working in the healthcare field – compassion, sensitivity and confidentiality among them. Other practices that distinguish Global Response include:
  • Brand implementation that maps every task to a timetable.
  • Proven ability to perform and the reporting and analytics to accurately measure that performance.
  • Cutting-edge technology customized to your requirements, as well as expertise at integrating third-party systems.
  • Immersive approach to the brand produces passionate Brand Specialists who become indistinguishable from a client’s own associates.

Advantages to Outsourcing Medical Call Center Services

Patient engagement and patient satisfaction, which impact the financial health of healthcare providers, are central to Global Response’s expertise. Brand Specialists are hired and trained to build relationships with members and deliver a memorable experience. They are immersed in the healthcare product and process knowledge to an extent that the member cannot distinguish them from the provider’s in-house staff. Healthcare organizations can benefit from Global Response’s experience in ramping up and down to meet enrollment and other seasonal fluctuation in call volume and recruiting, hiring and training Brand Specialists for your account. A primary advantage healthcare organizations experience when outsourcing call center services is that providers are freed to attend to patient health. Healthcare professionals and institutions can focus on their core mission of treating members, while Global Response employs its outsourced contact center expertise to provide other member and provider services. Healthcare providers can sidestep the purchase of expensive technology by outsourcing with Global Response, which already has the cutting-edge tech to effectively conduct interactions across all channels – phone, SMS text, chat, email and social media support. Brand Specialists have interaction history at their fingertips and Global Response also offers options such as automatic call distribution, which performs skills-based routing, and IVR to guide members through self-serve functions when appropriate. Global Response is HIPAA and PCI compliant, has secure premises and provides built-in redundancies that enable us to serve your members regardless of events that may disrupt your office’s operations.

Healthcare Compliance

As a healthcare and pharmaceutical outsourced call center, we recognize that updates in regulations require us to be adaptable, flexible and prepared for rapid change as directed by our client.  Global Response maintains compliance with the following regulations across all channels throughout the organization:


Global Response regards privacy and data security as a top priority for all brands. We integrate with best-in-class partners to provide, and regularly test, additional measures ensuring data security by:

  • Employing firewalls to strictly control network access
  • Providing specialized policy and procedure training on data security
  • Operating more than 200 cameras that are installed on our premises
  • Conducting regular internal network penetration tests with a third party, white-hat partner

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