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Luxury brands – which offer exclusive, high-end products – are defined by the exceptional customer service their clientele has come to expect. Global Response will exceed those expectations and build a luxury customer service experience for your brand.

For over 45 years we have developed an expertise in luxury brand contact center outsourcing by providing high touch customer service for the world’s top luxury brands.

Luxury brands trust Global Response to deliver the high-quality service their customers expect

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Omnichannel Service for Luxury Brands

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Consistency across service channels is paramount and Global Response knows how to ensure that your luxury brand will provide exceptional service at the customer’s channel of choice. We tirelessly research your customer journey, identify strengths and tailor them to the contact center interaction. Your customers will be treated to white-glove service whether on phone, email, chat, SMS text or social media.


Replicating the In-store Experience

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The goal for luxury brands outsourcing customer service is to find a partner whose Brand Specialists can provide the expert, personalized service their customers expect.

We have decades of experience successfully providing luxury retail and concierge services as Luxury Brand Call Center Specialists.

Our approach includes stringent qualifications and extra training for your Brand Specialists and ensures they have the technology and processes that allow them to consistently provide a higher level of service for luxury brand buyers.

Luxury Brand Culture, Luxury Brand Service

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Global Response’s unique Brand culture has become an influence in the contact-center industry. Every policy, procedure and training program is designed to assimilate the values, standards and characteristics of the brands we represent. The emphasis begins with recruitment of our dedicated Brand Specialists and permeates the entire process, from selection of specialists to training and nesting in the contact center

The adaptation of your brand’s culture is reflected in signage and product samples within our luxury brand call center. Our dedicated management team diligently reinforces your brand’s continuity. Our Luxury Brand Specialists are committed and passionate about the brand they represent.


Rapid Scalability

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Today’s business environments are unpredictable and support teams need to be more flexible than ever. Global Response, a contact center for luxury brands, can plan for the volatility of volume, allowing us to manage staff schedules while maintaining service levels. By implementing services quickly and leveraging size, customer service outsourcing allows the client to manage their business with the confidence that the customer care team will be well-prepared.

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Experienced across industries. Your brand. Our passion.

We’ve been providing luxury call center operations for over four decades to global brands across automotive, banking, B2B, education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail verticals. Contact us today to learn more!

“Global Response’s ability to scale up, scale down and use agents to help us with other things besides customer care, is very impressive and something that not all partners are able to do.”
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Dawn Trenson

Dawn Trenson | VP of E-Commerce in North America | FILA

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