Meeting the quality assurance challenge

One of our contact center teams tells the story of how it challenged its quality assurance process recently – and won. Since putting its new system in place, the team has exceeded its quality scores without once falling below its goals.

The score isn’t in itself the win – it’s only the gauge that makes the success tangible. The win is for the customer – whose experience will become all the brighter for the change.

It takes a team

But the team also has itself to celebrate – for implementing a consistent and transparent QA system with initiatives tied to measures of the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. And for doing it in a way that brought both supervisors and Brand Specialists along to understand what the initiatives were intended to achieve. Here are three key themes that supported the team’s success:

  1. Consistency. The team identified opportunities for increased consistency in some areas – schedule adherence, for instance. When these opportunities were emphasized in its quality scorecard, they became visible to the entire team, which then became accountable and made a conscious effort to improve performance.
  2. Transparency. The initiatives were made clear and informed team members of what actions they could take to be successful. Team members felt like they were part of the improvement, rather than the target of it. Keeping morale strong helped to focus the effort to lift performance.
  3. Alignment with customer satisfaction. The team aligned the quality scorecard to the criteria for Net Promoter Score, a measure of satisfaction. Incorporating those criteria assures the goal of exceptional customer service will be achieved. Listening to the customer provides a checklist that leads to attainment of the goal.


 Positive, powerful tool

When the QA scorecard is used transparently to inform Brand Specialists of the standards for which they should strive, it can be a positive and powerful tool.

How high should we reach on the scale of excellence to serve our customers? As high as they want us to. And how do we measure that? Let the customer tell us through tools that measure their experiences.

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