Tip 5: Never Stop Training in Developing Contact Center Training

This week’s Best Practices blog on developing training programs wraps up with an essential tip: Never Stop Training. Continue to develop Brand Specialists to support their performance.

Yesterday’s Tip 4 was about measuring delivery effectiveness.

See Tip 5, which follows.

Tip 5. Never Stop Training in your Contact Center

Incorporate continuous improvement feedback loop into quality assurance.

Regularly assessing and coaching Brand Specialists will help them develop.

  • Plan recurring training.
  • Set follow-up assessments and regular coaching.
  • Meet frequently for quality calibration.

Effective training is a foundation for branded client engagement. The more your Brand Specialists learn about the relevant products and processes, the better they’ll be at providing the proper customer experience.

Studies have shown that your investment in training is impactful to customers.

According to ICMI, 82 percent of consumers say the No. 1 factor in a great customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly.

Well-trained Brand Specialists can have a positive impact to your bottom line.

See next week’s Best Practices blog on panel interviews.

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