Tip 4: Offer Appeasements For Customer Retention

Today’s Best Practices blog on Customer Retention in the Contact Center explores how to offer appeasements in Tip 4, which follows. Wednesday’s Tip 3 focused on creating opportunities to ‘save a customer.’

Offer appeasements

  • You can design a program that features a diverse set of creative solutions. Beyond refunds, you can reduce a subscription, give a free month, offer supplemental product, extend promotions or offer discounts. Your Brand Specialists will be trained in the process.
  • Allow the Brand Specialist leeway to tailor the appeasement to fit the customer’s situation.
  • Track effectiveness of the solution.

Customer acquisition is expensive.

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than retaining current customers, according to Forrester Research. They like your product and service for a reason and understanding customer motivation is essential to preserving revenue.

There are retention techniques to keep as many customers as you can.

And using those techniques is well worth it.

See Friday’s blog for Tip 5 focused on creating opportunities

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