The Best Contact Center Partner in the Philippines

The offshore contact center for Global Response is located in Cebu City, Philippines, just a short 75-minute flight from the capital city of Manila. This location hosts over 300 workstations for our offshore Brand Specialists. The primary focuses of work are Business and Information Technology support for various clients. All of the activities performed throughout the contact center are in line with PIC and HIPAA compliance. Cebu City is an ideal location for our contact center, as the cost of living and wage rates are both lower than in Manila and other major cities. Cebu City is also home to 11 Universities and 30 Colleges, making it easily possible to find qualified Specialists.

Our Cebu City, Philippines call center offers the following services:


Hours of Operation:24-hours per day, 365 days a year
Address:Cebu City, Philippines
Job Applicants:Please visit our Careers website!

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