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How To Infuse Your Company Culture Into Omnichannel Customer Support

Company culture is something that defines a work environment, and how associates move throughout their day. When strong enough, the company culture is something that spills out into every aspect of the business. It is something that is infused into every brand interaction. It helps to define the purpose and direction of a business, and also how associates interact with customers. To build a strong, successful brand, it is important to learn how to infuse your company culture into your omnichannel customer support strategies.

Omnichannel Customer Support – What is it?

Call centers have greatly evolved over the years, starting from associates making outgoing sales calls, to advanced, two-way communication with customers through a variety of channels. This is known as omnichannel support. This type of support allows companies to take a more holistic approach to customer support by creating a seamless customer experience across all communication channels. The key to successful omnichannel support is offering numerous opportunities for customer interaction, and can easily meet customers on the platform or channel that is most convenient for them.

Customer care is a crucial component of any overall brand experience. Adopting an omnichannel support strategy allows for a cohesive, positive customer experience. With omnichannel support, customers can expect exceptional customer support no matter how or when they reach out to a company. In giving customers multiple communication channels to access where they can receive support, it helps to achieve a cohesive brand experience. 

The Company Culture at Global Response

The work environment of Global Response is built on the core company principles – brand passion, flexibility, and fun. The team at Global Response is made up of a diverse group of individuals who promote a team-like mentality and foster a cooperative, engaging, and encouraging workspace. Global Response prides ourselves on the vibrant, family-oriented culture we’ve worked to create. It is a professional and fast-paced environment that is safe and inclusive for each of our employees. Teamwork is continually celebrated, as is exceptional customer service. 

One of the key components of the company culture at Global Response is how our associates are recognized and valued. The associates at Global Response are not considered as agents employed by a contact center. All of our associates are known as Brand Specialists. A Brand Specialist is an empowered brand ambassador that applies extensive training, experience, and passion to build relationships and create memorable customer experiences. In short, our associates  are not just call center agents – they are responsible for making meaningful connections and delivering great service at every turn.

Combining the Two

When working to infuse your company culture into omnichannel customer support, you must carry over the most important values of the workplace, and make sure to adhere to them when interacting with customers. Global Response understands that customers may not remember the exact details of a customer care interaction, but they will remember how they were made to feel, and most often that’s more important. Just as associates are highly valued, each customer should be held in the same regard.

Each of our Brand Specialists take a more personalized approach with their work when it comes to interacting with customers. The goal is to make every experience both positive and memorable, just as the work environment aims to be. A personal touch is an effective way to let clients know that they are important and valued. Even the language that is chosen has a huge impact on marrying company culture and customer support. Learning how to infuse your company culture into omnichannel customer support will ensure a positive customer experience with each and every interaction. 

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